At this time, the bus in front has already moved. Zhou Xiaolong quickly urged Xia Xue to "Aunt Express follow the big car in front!"

"Ah what follow the bus? !”
"Come on, come on, come on, don’t ask first! ! !”
"What are you smoking? What are you going to do? ?”
After Xia Xue started the car, she asked Zhou Xiaolong assiduously that he had just seen a man with a child in his arms and got on the bus.
The child was conspicuous in a yellow dress, but Zhou Xiaolong might not have noticed it.
Strangely, the man is holding the child with his face facing back, and he is only four or five years old when he looks at his shoulders.
The child’s face is a little pale and drooling seems to be in a coma.
Moreover, the man was thin and looked around in front of the car deliberately, looking very alert.
This situation makes Zhou Xiaolong wonder if the man may have stolen someone else’s children and tried to turn away? !
Traffickers are the worst. Every child is a parent’s pet. It’s a heinous person to kidnap someone else’s child.
After listening to Zhou Xiaolong’s speculation, Xia Xue still expressed doubts
Because the security in this area is still quite good, could it be that Zhou Xiaolong is wrong? What if someone is a father and a child is asleep? This is also possible.
Although Xia Xue expressed doubts, she followed the bus in front of her but caught the red light.
Xia Xue’s car was stopped and the bus in front passed by.
"oh, no! ! !”
Zhou Xiaolong can’t wait for him to push the door and say to Xia Xue, "Aunt, you are too slow to run as fast as I am. I must take that child back! ! !”
Before Xia Xue came to dissuade Zhou Xiaolong, he had already somersaulted over the crossroads and chased the bus in front and disappeared.
"It’s just a troublemaker, can you?" Xia Xue patted the steering wheel anxiously and said, "Are you mistaken? Why are you so disobedient?"
Although Xia Xue’s mouth grumbled, she also stepped on the gas pedal and chased her in the direction of Zhou Xiaolong’s disappearance
Besides, Zhou Xiaolong still runs very fast, and buses generally run at a slower speed.
Chasing a bus is easy for Zhou Xiaolong.
Soon before the bus appeared, Zhou Xiaolong followed a few steps, and his whole body rose and turned over, and he lay on the roof of the bus.
The car was still driving and didn’t arrive. Zhou Xiaolong wanted to find a window to climb into the carriage
But after searching for a long time, all the windows were closed.
It’s not surprising that the car has stopped, and the windows of the air-conditioning room are tightly sealed.
Zhou Xiaolong is puzzled. If you smash a piece of glass, you can, but the glass fragments are easy to hurt the passengers. This violent invasion method is not feasible.
Zhou Xiaolong felt a skylight on the roof for a while. There is an exhaust skylight on the bus surface, but it is closed now.
If there is a gap, Zhou Xiaolong can fight, but it takes some effort.
When I didn’t think much about my hands and four fingers, I reached into the gap. Zhou Xiaolong slowly stood up, so that I could make enough strength.
Just as the skylight was about to break, the bus just passed by a big billboard
The billboard is iron roaring towards Zhou Xiaolong’s body, almost close at hand.
Xia Xue just followed the car. She saw the scene on the roof of the car. She was so scared that she hurriedly shouted, "Little Dragon, be careful behind you! ! !”
"oh! ! !”
Zhou Xiaolong really heard this shout. He didn’t hesitate to bounce up quickly, but his body was still moving forward because of inertia.
When crossing the billboard, Zhou Xiaolong put his hands on the top beam of the billboard and made a beautiful 360-degree turn over from the billboard like a gymnast.
If it weren’t for Zhou Xiaolong’s reaction, his whole body would hit the billboard. After all, he is not a steel frame, so it would be miserable.
But even if it dodged the billboard, the bus was at a certain distance.
When Zhou Xiaolong fell, he didn’t fall on the roof of the bus but fell to the ground.
Zhou Xiaolong immediately continued to catch up with the bus in front without hesitation after landing.
But the sad reminder is that the bus driver seems to have noticed the movement on the roof and stepped on the brakes. As a result, Zhou Xiaolong’s whole body is in close contact with the bus butt
Zhou Xiaolong’s thin little body bounced back by the car butt and fell heavily.

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