With a smile on his face, he distributed a small book to the visitors who came in through the gate.

This is her job.
Boring workers really want to skip work and play!
Misaka Mikoto inwardly sighed.
"Hey little niece!"
A familiar sound.
I’m used to it, but every time I hear this call, I still feel a little uncomfortable.
Looking intently, I found that I was carrying the last one on my back, and I came in with Fu Leimei and Ji Shenqiu Sha all smiles for seven nights.
"You guy!"
Clenched fist is really can’t help but want to roar a few words toward the seven nights.
But I still put up with it in public.
Yes, my face is still very unhappy, and I really want to hit people.
"It’s always my niece, my niece … they all say just call me by my name. How many times do you want me to say it?"
"Get used to it."
Seven nights gave a hand with no intention.
Finally, he slipped from his back and ran to Misaka Mikoto.
"Sister, are you a maid today?"
"Brother adults say that tears are the most suitable for being a maid."
"Oh yeah."
Misaka Mikoto squinted at seven nights and his expression was still very unpleasant.
Seven nights is not found.
When he saw his acquaintances, he took a side job with Yomikawa Aiho and Tessou Tsuzuri, so he went directly to say hello.
Misaka Mikoto is a light hum.
Then look at Ji Shenqiu Sha and Fu Leimei Ya to greet them.
I haven’t said a few words, and someone I know has come over.
"Imperial Sakamoto Elder"
"Good morning"
Uiharu Kazari and Zuo Tian tears are invited by Shirai Hei.
Let’s not talk about tears. Anyway, Shili was very happy in early spring
"Ah, ah, today the little girls are really more beautiful than one!"
While shaking his head for seven nights.
It’s rare to see Misaka Mikoto wearing a maid’s costume instead of a school, and Uiharu Kazari wearing a skirt with tears …
If it weren’t for class, she would change a suit base almost every day and wouldn’t repeat it.
"I said …"
Hearing the seven nights, Yomikawa Aiho hooked him directly on the shoulder and pulled him to the back corner, whispering.
"Don’t play tricks on little girls."
"When did I play the little girls idea? I’m not lolicon. "
Seven nights has always denied whether he is lolicon or not.
He doesn’t recognize himself as a lolicon, although he prefers a group like little girls.
But Yomikawa Aiho rolled his eyes.
Too lazy to entangle this point directly said
"Well, if you want, you can go to Macey. That’s a legal girl."
Seven nights squinted at her.
If he didn’t know that she and Tsukuyomi Komoe were best friends, he wondered if the girl wanted to sell Tsukuyomi Komoe.
It should not be said that it has been sold.
"You just sold Macey?"
"See you two are quite suitable."
"What? How much rebate do you want? Three hundred milliliters. I’ll leave you one hundred milliliters. Do you think so? "
"Some kind of white liquid. I’ll give you some to taste. That’s the taste of love."
"ha? I don’t understand you … Get out! Roll roll! "
In the end, Yomikawa Aiho seems to have come in vain.
The hand pushed the seven nights away and kicked them directly, but the witty seven nights quickly dodged.
Some uncomfortable hum a.
Return 300 milliliters …
Cut that thing and drain it. It’s not that much. It’s not a pig.
"Remember to leave the door for me at night, but I can just run in without it."
"get out!"
"Ha ha …"
Smiling, he ran back to a few little girls.
A few little girls looked at him and then at what Tessou Tsuzuri said, Yomikawa Aiho.
What are you doing?
"Don’t care, don’t care"
Give a hand for seven nights
I found that one of the little girls was black and white, so I smiled.
"Yo black sauce well why don’t you wear a maid’s dress? Uncle, I’m looking forward to it. "
"It’s really embarrassing to let you expect to fall."
"It’s not true, it’s not that expected. I expect you to lie in my bed without anything on."
The little girls said nothing.
Misaka Mikoto is raised his hand toward Yomikawa Aiho beckoned over there.
"Teacher Huang Quanchuan has a henai here!"
"You are specially allowed to entertain him with a blow."
"Hey … don’t run!"
Chapter two hundred and forty-nine Be pure

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