Xiaoru said coldly, "You are a good person. If you don’t retreat, you won’t retreat. See if this sea of fire can burn up your two families."

"I didn’t expect that Li Yan, a famous four dynasties, was a coward hiding behind a woman." Wang Huai finally seized a chance to fight back and sneered. Although this means is vulgar, sometimes it is very tube.
Small RuJiao drink a way "you this guy want to die? She can’t stand insulting my father-in-law. If someone insults her son-in-law, she will have an early and desperate idea. It’s hard to cherish how many people die with this mouth open.
"Children don’t want to promise him that the children haven’t understood the rules yet, and the power state is worse than him. This person only dares to challenge the children because of his fancy, or else why not choose a handmaiden?" She was afraid of her children’s temper and agreed to this person’s gentle persuasion immediately.
Chapter one thousand three hundred and twenty-three To fight
Xiaoru tried to persuade Li Yan not to promise to compete with this monk Wang Jiatian’s destiny. Although she didn’t want to damage her son-in-law’s name, it was insignificant compared with her son-in-law’s safety.
Li Yan knows what Xiaoru thinks, but his character is not a shrinking violet. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have caused so many things at the beginning. In fact, he also wants to try to play against a person who has the power of rules and destiny, and see how powerful the people who understand the power of rules and destiny are. In the battle of Cui family, most of them relied on Xiaoru to shoot a bow and really tried their best, but there was no chance.
"Li Yan, do you agree with this fight?" Wang Huai said with a hint of sarcasm
Many monks next to him lamented the shame of Wang Huai when they saw this situation, but there was nothing to say. Although Li Yan had no regular power, he was also a godsworn in destiny. In fact, it can’t be said that he relied on the strong to bully the weak.
Li Yan said calmly, "In that case, let’s have a fight."
"I actually agreed." Wang Huai’s face showed different colors. This person can agree that he is either stupid or confident to win himself
Xiaoru tried to persuade Li Yan with a worried face, but she couldn’t think of any reason to call a "son-in-law"
Li Yan said, "Even if you can’t beat me, there won’t be anything. You forget that my body has reached the realm of flesh and blood rebirth, and this dress is still an eternal realm. The strong man can’t hurt him in a treasure coat. Besides, the idea of expanding territory is embroidered bamboo, so you can’t take risks. It’s unfair. It’s enough to have me."
Xiaoru listened to her heart quiver, and her children were so worried about themselves.
Wang Huai saw that the two people were planning what means to communicate, and immediately said, "Since Li Yan is fighting, please temporarily accept this magical power. I am afraid that you will lose your word when the time comes."
Sitting on a white jade unicorn, Li Yan raised his head, and the golden light seemed to be the burning of his murder. "You want me to accept the avatar, but just kill me here." With that, he flashed into the middle of the hand and got an extra crimson Tai ‘a sword, and the whole person’s momentum was also instantaneous and sharp.
Those monks who came to persuade the King of Jin to leave the two families seemed to really want to fight when they saw them. They immediately flew to the side and said that they would not disturb them. This is better for them than trying to win or lose. If someone tries to destroy this, it is estimated that these people will be the first to disagree.
"Wang Huai, be careful. Although this Li Yanshen has no rule power, I always feel a little uneasy. The rule power is not on behalf of the Godsworn’s strength department. If you are not careful, the Godsworn will still plant this rule power in the hands of Li Yanshen." Jin Quan sank.
Wang Huai replied, "I will pay attention to this battle. If we win this battle, there is no reason for Li Yan to continue to expand the territory. At the same time, we can avoid genocide. If we lose, we can give up this place and move out." He confessed a few words. A teleport came to Li Yan, and they were separated from each other.
Looking at the top of your head like a golden satin, it keeps rolling and shaking, and the golden flames of fire. Wang Huai can’t help but worry about it so that his opponent can overcome it?
Li Yan sensed this person’s hesitation by hiding the virtual field. "It seems that it is good to take people first. This Wang Huai is ashamed to see me in this overwhelming sun’s golden flame. It is better for me to be ashamed than to fight."
He didn’t say much. He punched Wang Huai directly.
This is more natural than fighting. If you can’t fight as soon as you come, it’s a sneak attack. It’s hard to count. Two people stand at loggerheads and hand in hand.
Wang Huai eyes a clot and then held a punch with his hands down, and his figure disappeared instantly. He has the power of rules, which is arguably stronger than this Li Yan’s strength. The first hand may be the shortest, and the longer it takes, the greater the variable.
For a moment, Li Yan felt that there was an exhausted star power above his head. This star power was strong and terror gathered in the sky, forming a long river around the sun. The power here was directly shattered and there seemed to be cracks in the sky, which made people feel that this destiny was powerful.
Wang Huai’s attack this time is very simple, that is, to bomb you with his own life star power to test out how strong Li Yan’s life star power is.
Feel this oppressive feeling coming to the top of your head. Li Yan can’t be careless. There is a golden light on the sword in his hand. At this moment, the sun’s golden flame rioted and roared like the sea. Fierce dragons and salamanders rushed out and rushed towards this Wang Huai.
"Carving a worm" Wang Huai looked at his life, and the star power accumulated almost. When his hands pressed, this force instantly broke out.
At once, hundreds of miles in Fiona Fang were hit by a powerful and unmatched force, which rushed to the sun and the golden flame retreated directly around at the touch. At that time, the golden fire covering nine days was abruptly torn to a huge mouth, and the pressure on everyone’s heart seemed to fade a lot with this tearing fire.
Li Yan doesn’t believe that the sun’s golden flame can deal with this destiny figure because he hasn’t yet understood the power of rules. The sun’s golden flame can burn tangible things, but some things can’t be burned. For example, if this life star has the power of rules, it may be able to burn everything directly like the dragon soul said, no matter whether you are the life star or the power of rules, it will be burned up.
It was at this time that he didn’t have time to think about the power of the sun’s golden flame. For example, because of that powerful life star force, it has fallen like a mountain. There is a kind of crushing meaning that the earth will bear this force for hundreds of miles, and I don’t know how many peaks this force has been directly crushed.
Wang Huai moved his strength just tentatively, which shows that he is cautious in his heart.
Li Yan’s eyes were fixed, and the momentum of Tai ‘a sword brewing suddenly broke out. In an instant, a golden sword with thousands of blood appeared directly on this mountain, with a cut of Tianwei.
He measured star saber’s life force and then broke the surface, which was many times higher than that of direct life force.
Chapter one thousand three hundred and twenty-four Weakness rule
The two forces collided in half, and air billow spread out from this power center like a tide. When he approached the monk, he felt that this force could not help but change his face slightly. Although there was no regular power doping, this strength has surpassed many destiny figures.
The Jin family and the Wangs’ several destiny characters joined hands to protect the nearby family headquarters and destroy it in this battle. You know, the destructive power of the destiny monks is amazing, and it is easy to destroy hundreds of miles casually. If there are not many monks in this realm and there are not many fights, the world will not be tossed into ruins.
However, at this time, Wang Huai’s face was not changed. He felt that Li Yan’s sword was actually carrying the edge of his own life. This edge was as fragile as tofu.
"That sword is not an ordinary sword, but a treasure. Does it contain some kind of regular power? But I didn’t notice the power of the surface rules. "He somehow felt the great sword."
When he flashed, Wang Huai avoided this sword, and all kinds of feelings in his eyes disappeared. Instead, he remained aloof and calm, and a mysterious smell appeared, which was as immortal and eternal as the breath of God.
This is the breath of rules and the most terrifying force in the world.
Although the Godsworn in Destiny has touched the fur of the power of rules, even so, he can exert great fighting power.
"I’m not afraid to tell you that my rule power is weakening your strength. I have to cut the front part of my rule power by half." Wang Huai said flatly that people in the destiny realm are really not afraid of others knowing their rule power because this power is close to the solution, and you can crack it if you don’t know it.
Cut your combat power by half?
Li Yan was suddenly surprised. Is it necessary to fight this battle if it is cut by half?
The physical strength of destiny characters can’t be much different, let alone lose half of their combat power, even if they lose a third, they can’t defeat their opponents.
"No wonder this Wang Huai will fight alone, so asking him to rule power should be able to influence a person to fight alone. He can be in the wind with people. This Li Yan fell into this Wang Huai calculation from the beginning, which destiny figure will be a simple creature."
"Otherwise, this Wang Huai is in the wind with its weak rule power, but it is not impossible to know that this rule power is not destructive and it is not decisive to fight. If this Li Yan power is strong enough, it is not impossible for this rule power to defeat this Wang Huai."
"Look at it. The battle is still undecided."
The monks watching the war in the distance communicate with each other and occasionally evaluate them.
At this time, Wang Huai reached out a finger and an inexplicable force penetrated from the virtual to Li Yan’s package. This force is invulnerable, and even the sun’s golden flame can’t resist it
Li Yan felt that the metaphysical force was approaching and did not hesitate to split a sword toward Wang Huai again. However, when the sword fell against the metaphysical force, it suddenly attenuated the original aggressive force and could split the earth. The sword became a little weak and weak, and the surface contained power disappeared by half.
With 50% strength, the sword Gang is much less threatening to the Godsworn of Destiny. Wang Huai laughed coldly and blasted this sword Gang with one punch. "I have already tested your strength in that blow just now, but I have to say that your life star strength is really strong, but it is far from me after being cut by half. The weak strength should have eroded your body. You should be able to feel that your own strength, perception and physical strength have all been cut by half."

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