The whole Ziya Mountain will be Su Yu’s opponent except for the sacred land.

"Su Yu you …"
Ann noticed Su Yu’s orders, but she couldn’t come.
See Su Yu blink to Jiang Ya’s side to deprive him of the source and lift the ban on the 600 million children imprisoned in Ziya Mountain.
The Three Elders and the Elder Ann were all excited when they saw Su Yu’s hand.
Su Yu’s eyes meet with the Three Elders, An He and the 600 million Ziya Mountain Rangers!
The red dress club and Ziyashan blood clan have been reduced to a total of 300 million people, while Ziyashan Terran has been waiting for the time to make their physical strength to the extreme.
It should be a victory.
But the war has been going on. No
Ziyashan Terran has twice the strength to defeat the blood clan because they have a steady stream of strength to enrich themselves.
At this time, efreet has risen to the sacred land
Su Yu saw this and immediately saw his lip angle slightly hook tens of thousands of efreet was released again!
With the sacred land, efreet is obviously going to be crazy and the blood clan is even stronger.
With efreet, their attribute of sharing damage has been brought to the extreme.
Terrans and efreet suddenly have a chance to win again.
Ann Zhang Shi saw that Su Yu had so many efreet. He was surprised that his eyes were even more revealing.
"Cast a wide range of forbidden art! I want to leave no one behind! "
Su Yu once again released so many efreet, and his heart was always an irreversible order.
"It’s not good to retreat quickly!"
I heard that it was forbidden for Sun Wu and other people to face a change immediately.
After the blood clan was crazy, all orders were handed over to Ann.
His voice fell, and hundreds of millions of blood clans gathered together, and the smell of if-if-if destruction slowly extended out.
Touche that terran by that bloody force that stretches out, it instantly become a handful of bones.
"Back? Can’t come. "
Ann smiled grimly. He looked at the bottom of the Terran and immediately showed a crazy smile.
Seeing this scene, Su Yu looked at the nine venerable men in the besieged realm of the True Emperor.
Weighing the pros and cons Su Yu’s gum bit the real emperor’s field!
And will cover the whole battlefield!
The rapid changes in the realm of the true emperor have shocked many terrans and blood clans.
What’s going on!
"This, this is the source world! Can Su Yu have turned the source power into a small world! "
The only one who realized the source power and the top sage in the red suit felt Su Yu’s breath in the world. Otherwise, a white figure appeared in the real emperor’s field.
"The whole Xinghai people can shoot at our people, even if it is forbidden!"
Su Yu’s forehead oozed with bean sweat, and his voice fell, and the blood clan condensed and forbidden art slowly disappeared.
Su Yu actually deprived the source of a wide range of forbidden arts!
Is he crazy?
Zhang An felt ridiculous when he saw this scene.
The man, who is like a god, is calling on Yuanli to deprive hundreds of millions of sacred places of the power to cast out the forbidden arts.
At this moment, Ziya Mountain fell into a famous silence.
Both the Red Dress Club and Yanhuang Venerable Master chose not to make moves and silently watched all this happen.
Source is the most mysterious force in Xinghai.
And the forbidden art is that Xinghai has the operation method of earth power.
Which is stronger and which is weaker?
Even those who have always been strong and respected are eager to make it white.

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