Thinking about the final result

Will you compromise?
But in that case, what’s the point of doing things by yourself?
Of course, there are still some people who insist on the throne to refute the cremation’s support for spreading the land into the mu.
In the eyes of these people, the final result is that it is good to be ashamed.
Yushi clan
Also feel a little strange during this period.
Nowadays, it is easy to understand that we are indifferent to political reform.
I don’t want to wait until the last thing is settled by law.
But Song Guanwen didn’t say anything, not even a rebuttal, as if nothing had happened.
This made the gentry a little strange. You know, when the former Longyang Mansion was in the past, the abbot was very tough. He directly arrested a large number of people. What happened now?
Will this person have a subsequent party?
But after careful consideration by the gentry, I think this is unlikely.
Because they don’t have a handle, the Song official document is in the hands of the other party. After all, the other party has been carrying out the Jiangnan political reform by remote control in the capital.
Even if you want to do something, it is unlikely.
So little by little in the past.
Wei Yun Yi still stays in Dan’s room.
Looking at the news, I know that the cremation seems to be getting more and more fierce.
In the heart, it is estimated that you should go out to clean up the mess in a few days.
What he thought was that while the cremation was making such a noise, he not only shook the court, but also stopped the political reform when he came forward.
When the time comes, Da Wei’s fate will inevitably be hit.
You will have more bad king values if you can.
Never left Dan’s room. Wei Yun Yi doesn’t know.
On this day, the Song official document finally moved.
After a while, more and more officials indulged the gentry and stopped the political reform.
But no more people emerged afterwards.
He knows
Now is the best time to attack the cremation.
Because it’s time to come out, it’s all out
So early this morning, the people, officials and gentry in Beijing found that Song Guanwen had left the mansion and went directly to Jingzhao Mansion by carriage.
It didn’t take long for Jingzhao Mansion to walk out of the hundreds of chiefs, one by one, lined up neatly.
Then Song Guanwen ordered the Ministry to act.
Then the whole capital was shaken.
Because the target of these officials in Jingzhao Mansion is the gentry in the south of the Yangtze River.
Almost less than an hour, the magistrates went to various places in the capital to arrest the cremation.
No one knows what’s going on
The arrested gentry thought that Song Guanwen was a coward and said that he was arresting people indiscriminately.
Even some officials who supported the cremation also came running to ask about arresting people.
Great Wei’s law is strict, even the second assistant can’t mess around.
So they are very confident.
However, the Song official document responded that some people in Jiangnan colluded with the White Door and fanned the flames to obstruct the implementation of the national policy, which has already committed a heinous crime and will be sent to the prison of the Ministry of Punishment!
As soon as this remark came out, the whole capital was shocked.
Those officials who defended the cremation
I’m also confused
The crime of obstructing the implementation of national policy depends on how to explain it.
But collusion with the white door scared them.
For this crime
Like treason!
Chapter one hundred and forty-two Positions exultation! See the back stab again!
If anyone dares to say one more word at this time.
Even if it is not implicated, it will be taken away immediately.
There is no excuse for this crime. We can wait until we find out.
All those officials who were cremation were afraid to speak at this time.
I can watch those Jiangnan cremation brought by Song official documents.
Whether or not to inform you of this matter.
Those officials dare not.
Or that sentence?
This crime is tantamount to treason, and the guilt is too great.
In particular, some people are thinking about Song Guanwen. If you dare to do so, you must be confident and successful.
If it is finally found out that Chu Jiangnan cremation colluded with the White Door, it will be completely finished.
If there is one person who supports the theory of identity behind it, it counts as one.
Can’t even get rid of it.

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