"Xuanji’s secret land is opened once every three years, and there are three younger brothers who are eligible to enter the present three younger brothers. Their strength is not bad, so there should be no big problem. But this time, the number of younger brothers in Yuhengfeng is still the largest, and I am afraid that the first place in this experience is Yuhengfeng." Yunyao, the owner of Yaoguang Peak, sighed slightly after listening to Guan Yiyang’s words, and had to say that there are still many younger brothers in the peak, like Yuhengfeng, although there is no younger brother in the dragon list, the number of younger brothers in the day list and the ground list has occupied the

Xuanji’s secret land is very large, and different places have different opportunities. Moreover, when the harvest is counted, it is the monster spirit in the secret land to liquidate. At this time, the advantage is very obvious when there are more people.
"Xuanji Mystery is just a place to temper my brother. It is the Taigu Mystery that we should really pay attention to. However, in recent years, the three immortals of Daning Dynasty and the imperial court jointly presided over the rise of the Fairy Gate of the Sea of Clouds, and we can’t take it lightly." The master of Tianji Peak suddenly said nothing.
"Brother Gong Sun speaks politely, but this is not to say that these places follow me to the peak." Sue smiled. Today, although these other disciples congratulated him, they also came to discuss important matters.
"Ok, let’s go to your main peak hall now." The main name of Tianji Fengfeng is Gongsunxuan, and immediately agreed after listening to Su Ladies’ words.
"Let’s all go back to practice first. Qingshan, Xuanfeng and Xu Ren, you three go to the hall with us." Although Su Ladies just came out, it seems that everything happened in Xuanji Xianmen is clear, even Xu Ren’s name is known to him.
Xu Ren didn’t expect that Ms. Sue, the peak owner, who had just met, would know her name and her eyes flashed an accident.
Chen Xuanfeng quietly pulled a Xu Ren sleeve in the previous step. This second brother is still very caring.
Being pulled by Chen Xuanfeng, Xu Ren immediately reacted, so the big brother Su Qingshan and the second brother Chen Xuanfeng leaned down and followed several peak owners and later went to Tianfeng Hall.
After entering the Tianfeng Hall, everyone divided the two sides into Su Qingshan, Chen Xuanfeng and Xu Ren respectfully behind Su Ladies.
The next step is to discuss the secret situation twice. Of course, their discussion is only the owner’s opinion on who will take care of some details.
Although the mysterious realm of Xuanji Xianmen has been explored many times, it is not complete without crisis. Every time you explore the mysterious realm of Xuanji, some different changes will occur, and the danger will still occur, but the probability of occurrence will not be high.
The most important thing is the Taigu Secret Land, which is not only a better opportunity for the experience of the three immortals, but also a much greater danger than Xuanji Secret Land. To enter the Secret Land, one must also enter the abode of fairies and immortals.
More importantly, the Taikoo Secret is not unique to Xuanji Xianmen. In addition to Xuanji Xianmen, there are Yunhai Xianmen and Yuehua Xianmen. In addition, the court of Daning Dynasty also participated in the Taigu Secret. The situation is chaotic. Casualties of the Xianmen Daning Wang Chaodi are also common. It is an opportunity and an adventure for the three Xianmen’s younger brothers Daning Dynasty to choose to experience their younger brothers. Whether they are alive or dead, what will be gained depends on their own affairs and nature.
Whether it is the three immortals of Daning Dynasty or the court of Daning Dynasty attaches great importance to the Taikoo Mystery.
Su Qingshan, Chen Xuanfeng and Xu Ren didn’t speak, but this didn’t prevent them from listening to those peak leaders discuss the experience of the secret realm.
It’s still a long way from the time when the three immortals, Daning Dynasty, co-chaired the Taikoo Mystery, but Xuanji Xianmen Xuanji Mystery seems to be just around the corner.
The main purpose of Xu Ren’s coming to Xuanji Xianmen is to get an identity that Du Qiyan can rival, and then he wants to break into the secret realm of Xuanji Xianmen to temper himself. These are the roads he planned to improve his strength.
Today, although he has no power to speak, he listens very carefully.
While listening to Xu Ren’s heart, he also figured that according to what the peak masters said, if you want to enter the Xuanji shakotan coast, you must be a third brother, and he has just started, but he has not yet obtained the identity of the third brother. Therefore, it is urgent for him to get the identity of the third brother first and the worst one.
After some discussion, there is really no final result, but everyone is inclined to let Yunyao, the chief of Yaoguang Peak, and Yiyang, the chief of Yangfeng Peak, lead a team to participate in the Taikoo Mystery Experience.
Of course, Yun Yao and Guan Yi Yangxiu will definitely not be able to enter Taigu’s secret land, but there are two peak masters who will have more confidence in their younger brothers.
Then there is gossiping. Today, these peak owners are also happy that Su Ladies has been dawdling over this breakthrough. More importantly, Su Ladies’ cultivation realm is definitely not the strongest among several peak owners, but the strength of several peak owners is very high. If you fight for your life, even the Xuanji Xianmen Master will not be able to retreat. Xuanji Xianmen Tianfeng has always been a special brother with a small number, but the strength of each brother cannot be treated rationally.
It’s already noon to send away all the peak owners. By this time, Sue ladies will call all the peak brothers together.
Seeing the peak master Su Ladies these days, Feng Di doesn’t feel his head down. Su Ladies is not particularly strict with them, but the more so, the more they feel afraid to face Su Ladies, for fear that their lack of hard work will make the peak master angry.
Chapter two hundred and fifty-nine Causes and consequences
"It’s been closed for a long time this time, and many things are inconvenient to deal with directly. I know that you may have been wronged during this period. Several waves that belonged to our Tianfeng brother were robbed by his main peak, but you didn’t care. Everything is predestined. Today, everyone announced a message that it is a new entry to Xu Ren. His younger brother is the youngest entry and the latest entry is your little teacher younger brother, but you don’t let him do it because he is young, but no matter who eats it. Kui can’t come to tell on me "off his main peak Sue ladies seem to be particularly happy to announce the Xu Ren’s brother directly, but there seems to be another meaning behind the words, but the people looked at each other.
Before Xu Ren was a big man, he always felt that Sue Ladies was at least a reliable peak master, but he didn’t expect that he would become a brother and see the other side of Sue Ladies. This change came too fast and too suddenly, which made Xu Renyou feel like a false thief.
"Master Xu Ren, he didn’t enter Tianfengxiu until he became a master. It’s important not to say who deliberately bullied him, but to learn from him on weekdays. If you don’t release water, I’m afraid it will hurt him. Isn’t it inappropriate for Master to say don’t let him go?" Su Qingshan listened to Su Ladies’ words and then came out quickly. Xu Ren’s talent is good, but the talent is not bad, and the realm is limited. Today, Fengdi has no difference in the six realms. If he tries hard, where can he withstand it in Xu Ren?
Tianfeng’s brother looked at each other, and there was Su Qingshan who dared to talk to Su Ladies, the master of Tianfeng.
"Since I said that, it is reasonable for me. Is it your strength for each of you to fix the realm? If you think so, what’s the experience? How can you all be three brothers? If you don’t contribute, you will not listen to the master’s orders at your own risk. "Su Ladies gave a mysterious smile but didn’t change her decision.
Xu Ren has some resistance, but he is even more impressed with the Su Ladies’ peak master. In addition to the big brother Su Qingshan and the second brother Chen Xuanfeng, he is really not afraid. Even if he has achieved the nine-fold Xu Ren, he has a 50% chance of winning. This is mainly due to the fact that Xuanji Xianmen’s younger brother, especially Tianfeng’s younger brother, is completely different. If he is ordinary, he will have a better chance of winning Xu Ren.
Tianfeng, these other disciples are estimated to be the most harmonious in the whole Xuanji Xianmen, but their cultivation method is also the most special, which is a bit similar to the martial arts people’s boxing and learning.
In addition to daily routine practice, all the younger brothers of Tianfeng also have a competition. There are two kinds of competitions, one is to give directions under pressure, and the other is to strive for strength. The main reason is that these younger brothers can always experience the fighting tension, which not only has a good sharpening effect on physical fitness and repair, but also can improve their fighting psychological quality. This point pays attention to repairing the realm. Tianfeng in Xuanji Xianmen belongs to the only one.
Seeing Su Ladies has made up his mind. It is not good for Brother Tianfeng to say anything more. To be honest, it is the first time for them to see Master Su Ladies like this. When most of my brothers first entered Tianfeng, Master told his classmates to take more care of Xu Ren, but it became the first exception.
"In addition to accepting Xu Ren’s brother, there is one more thing, that is, you need to step up your cultivation to deal with the coming experience of the secret land. This time, the three immortals and Daning court jointly control the Taikoo secret land, which is very close to me. But this time, you need to step up your cultivation of the secret land experience, which is no more dangerous than that in other places, even if it is controlled by our Xuanji fairy gate." After the account of Xu Ren, Su Ladies turned to talk about the secret.
"My brother will live up to the expectations of the master." When Tianfeng’s brothers heard that Xuanji’s secret land and Taikoo’s secret land were about to open their faces, they immediately showed their excitement.
"Don’t be too busy to be happy. It’s an opportunity for you, but it’s also a test. You Xuanji’s secret land is not only a test but also an assessment. Every time it is opened, there are personnel restrictions. This time it’s no exception. We Xuanji’s three fairy gates and Daning Dynasty court each hold 36 places. Usually, the younger brothers who enter Taigu’s secret land are the top 36 brothers who have performed well in Xuanji’s secret land. If you want to go to Taigu’s secret land, go and compete for the top 36 places.
However, although Su ladies have no requirements for Tianfeng’s brother, Tianfeng’s brother is gearing up one by one.
Before Tianfeng, there were two brothers plus ten junior brothers. Now there are only twenty-one brothers in Xu Ren. Compared with his main peak, his brother is not a little bit less. But Tianfeng’s brother is in the list of three, except Xu Ren. One person is Tianfeng’s big brother Su Qingshan, and there are thirteen people in the list of five people. Their second brother Chen Xuanfeng has a kind appearance and good temper, but his strength is not weak. The third place in the list of days is high or low, but the position in the list of days and places is mostly in the middle reaches.
Brother Tianfeng still has some confidence and money to fight for those 36 places.
"Well, except Xu Ren, you all go to practice first!" After the replacement, Sue sent others to practice directly, but left Xu Ren alone.
"Don’t you think it’s strange that I should tell them that you don’t have to leave your hand?" Sue ladies looked at Xu Ren with great interest and said, when everyone had left.
Xu Ren was stunned by Su Ladies and quickly saluted, "I’m really curious when I leave my master and brother."
Su Ladies’ practice is not only Xu Ren’s curiosity, but it is estimated that few people in Tianfeng are not curious.
"You are not so curious about the name Xu Ren. I already know something about you. To tell you the truth, if you don’t come to Xuanji Mountain, I may come out and take a special trip to Donghua County to have a look. If you are willing, you will be closed, but your brother is not necessarily. I didn’t expect you to find Xuanji Xianmen first." Sue looked at respectfully Xu Ren and said with a smile.
"Master is still curious. I ask myself if I have not done any amazing feats. Xuanji Xianmen has no acquaintances. Does Master know me?" Xu Ren is really curious and a little guilty, afraid that everything he has done over the years has been watched by people, and the examiner is still a Xuanji immortal? If so, what is Xuanji Xianmen? Xu Ren found a reasonable answer even if he wanted to break his head.

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