The little red hair saw that I was puzzled. I didn’t know anything before SOLO, so I asked with pride. It seemed that I had just found a little cold hum. "SOLO rule is one blood, one tower, one hundred knives."

I shook my head and said, "I see. Are there any other rules? For example, choosing a hero must bring a flash class. "
The short red hair disdained to laugh. "That’s whatever you want. You can number yourself first, brother Jin!" "
He shouted the word "elder brother" with great emphasis.
I shook my head and said, "Dude, you’re mistaken. I said I had the gold number, not that I was gold."
I quickly typed my account password in the login interface.
"That I will be interesting to see what you are … this! ! !” Then Xiao Hong Mao, who was walking around, glanced at my screen, and my screen immediately fell off.
"Ionia king? ? ! ! !”
If the ground explodes, the whole Internet cafe will boil.
Chapter 34 SOLO with Zhong Yi
Zhou Ru was surprised when he heard this. "Wow! Brother, can you hide the king for so long? "
I smiled and didn’t speak. The Great God is usually a quiet and beautiful man with a sad breath like me.
Zhong Yi took a look at my screen and a little surprised appeared in his eyes.
"So you are a great god," Zhong Yi said with a smile in his eyes.
I nodded my head and put Zhong Yi’s expression in my eyes for a moment, then I smiled and said to the short red hair, "Brother, am I qualified to fight you now?"
The red hair was cold and sweaty, and his eyes were erratic. Then he said, "Since you are the king, I am not as tall as you, of course I won’t be so loaded with you. This rule should be decided by me."
This short, red-haired man’s words made everyone laugh.
I smiled like a charity Maitreya and said, "Of course, my little brother can do whatever you want."
"How about our SOLO order? Raven, you pick the sword first. You’re good at it. I’ll take the back one. You don’t suffer, do you? It’s okay for both of them to go out with a little red medicine and a flash to ignite? " Xiao Hongmao said
I nodded my head. This red hair is fair in the rules. This rule is more practical and close to usual. If you really win alone, it is really real technology. There is no fake or excuse at all.
I like Raven better than Jianji.
Fuck is flexible, you can cut in, you can escape, you can snowball, but GANK and control are perfect
"I’ll take Raven," I said.
Change all the rune talents, and the blue glyphs on both sides are AD. Naturally, there is no choice for magic resistance.
The competition between the two sides was official, and everyone was very interested in the activity of the Internet cafe. Everyone was full and there was no noise, and they were keeping a close eye on a diamond showdown.
To tell the truth, Raven has too many things to consider when playing sword. If it is 11 pure SOLO, two people will definitely add points at the first level, and whoever adds skills later will have an advantage at the first level and be more stable at the second level to find opportunities to break out and take away the opposite side.
First of all, I want to see if the sword Ji went out to attack the other side and added W. If the sword Ji’s first-level point is W, then Raven will have a relative advantage in learning E. But he can cheat him by attacking S and then add E to protect his shield to make a net profit on the other side.
If Raven learns Q at the first level and Swordsman learns W at the opposite side, then he will point you directly. If a general attack is blocked by his W, it will be very difficult to beat Swordsman at the first level. Unless you hide from him, W can still beat him at the speed of light QA, which is very difficult unless Swordsman is stupid.
If Jianji learns Q at the first level, please don’t hesitate to learn Q, the speed of light QA is just right, and Jianji can’t beat it 100%.
The first level of this sword is to learn W. This is the right thing to eat. Can’t I know Raven? I’ll just QA and him just now?
I pretended to ask for a, and he went straight out of W. I quickly retreated to prevent him from getting a to my W. As soon as I finished, I turned around and did something, but he didn’t dare to return it with both hands.
Cheers immediately sounded behind him. What is this? This is momentum suppression.
That little red hair doesn’t look very good, hiding behind the Batman and making peace with me. After all, it’s impossible to cross the line just now.
Raven level E sword Ji level W Raven’s advantage is that he can consume blood pressure at the first level, and his condition is low. The disadvantage is that he can’t beat him by attacking high and grabbing two like W sword Ji Pu.
Ruiwen was knocked down by a third of my blood. At this moment, I know that he is going to be a second-class. I will immediately take the position and lean back to ensure ECD. When Q comes, E will leave so that he can’t hurt.
Sure enough, as soon as Jianji reached the second level, she tried to force me to eat experience. I was two soldiers short of two.
The second-class sword Ji is more offensive than Raven, and he is passive and has a bloody fuck. He accidentally made a mistake and stuck his face to him, which is a loss
Ruiwen and Jianji look at the third level of technology most.
Jianji pressed the line of soldiers across the street, and he grabbed the second, third and third levels faster. The line of soldiers didn’t control my tower to eat experience.
He looked a little proud when he saw my face eating experience.
I sneer at his blood volume. At the moment, his blood volume is three quarters of mine. I also have a little red medicine.
At the moment, I’m in the second grade and he’s in the third grade. I know he really wants to consume my blood.
I deliberately lewd in front of the tower and simply didn’t make up for it. Since I can win with one blood, what is the need to make up for it?
I have a plan to kill him in my heart.
It’s two soldiers short of experience to reach the third level. When I deliberately didn’t make up for several soldiers, I planned to make up for that soldier, just a little far from the attack range of the defensive tower. At this moment, it is residual blood.
I lit the floor on the left and right, pretending to be in a hurry to order the little soldier.
At this time, Jianji moved across the street! He will definitely ask me.
He q me e at the same time. To be precise, I am a "pre-judgment e". I put a little sword before him. My e led me directly to the tower.
"The outcome has been divided into brothers." I smiled. E answered W without any pause, and then ignited QA to play directly.
On the other side, Jianji woke up and flashed immediately. I walked with Flash for a while. He W ended the third section of Q, fainted and finally Ping A took it away.
Being defended in tower A is a serious mistake in the face of most output orders.
I slowly got up and there was a wave of slapping me behind me. This trick of seduction can also make them learn something.
It turns out that Raven can play sword like this!
"Big brother is handsome!"
All the brothers in the Internet cafe looked at me with excitement as if they had won more than themselves. I smiled and waved to them to force them to recast their future.
"Yes, Wang Tong is really a king!" Weeks such as a face of excitement looked at me and praised the way
"It’s not as bad as it is," I said modestly.
Zhou Ru smiled and leaned against me and said, "Yo, have you learned to be modest?"

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