Pan Qing is always serious when he is working.

At this time, the assistant called Pan Qingyue.
"Mr. Pan, please call a peach guest to watch a live broadcast of 377955."
Pan Qingyue frowned and said, "Xiao Li, you must do one thing. Please don’t bother me when I am working."
The assistant paused in a very concise way to explain the live broadcast just now and said that Xu Ke talked, "I don’t think this kind of thing should bother you, but … that guest recharged 50 million yuan at a time."
"Fifty million?"
Pan Qingyue opened her eyes and was surprised.
The theory of 50 million is not a small sum for anyone.
Even if he is rich, Pan Qingyue will never put this large amount of wave live broadcast platform of 50 million.
Pan Qingyue immediately took out his mobile phone from his pocket and called Taoke Live APP to enter the 377955 Xiaoyue live broadcast.
Just entering the live broadcast, Pan Qingyue exclaimed, "Boy, 70,000 people watch this is the top five anchors and it’s hard to have a record!" Hmm? Thousands of super gods. This room? Dozens of emperors in this room? Even the four of them? "
After a brief glance at the screen, Pan Qingyue immediately said to the assistant, "Let all departments pay attention to this live broadcast immediately, don’t let this live broadcast go wrong, temporarily cut off the live broadcast of Xiaoyue, and tell the technical department to unlock the gift limit of’ I am the most forced’ so that he can brush the level gift at will!"
The assistant did it immediately after hearing the order.
Pan Qingyue is still sitting on the sofa, and his eyes are slightly turbid. At the moment, he also bursts with fine mans.
"Who is this person? It’s really a big deal. I want to see how much sex you can have … "
Chapter ninety-four Xu Xu!
The gift limit was unlocked, and there was no announcement on the screen, but a private message was sent to Xu.
After seeing this private letter, Xu suddenly raised an eyebrow and said, it’s quite a way for these guys.
Then Xu made a gift and immediately laughed.
"That’s more like it."
In addition to the original seven gifts, there is also a flying fairy worth 100 thousand behind the meteor shower in the gift column
There is a cupid arrow worth 1 million behind the flying fairy.
Look at the screen, those swearing words that have flooded and those super-god disdainful words make lips slightly hooked.
"What doughnuts are there in that Roche fire unicorn? Grandpa will show you what sex is today!"
"If you don’t brush your old age, you two guilds will doubt your life!"
Said Xu has clicked on a flying fairy.
Suddenly, there was a milky light on the screen, and an anime nine-day fairy descended from the sky and danced on the screen. Every time she danced, her embroidered face waved a few loves.
This scene can be described as beautiful, and the scene has been exploded in an instant.
"Digging! Isn’t this the emperor who can make the sky fly? "
"This guy actually succeeded in communicating with the real developer?"
"Ha ha ha pack to force god is 6666! Lianfa merchants should drink our foot washing water! "
"Pretend to force God to step on the God of War League and the beautiful girl warrior!"
Flying fairy has not stopped at the moment.
"Flying Fairy 2"
"Flying Fairy 3"
"Flying Fairy 4"
"Flying Fairy 5"
"Flying Fairy 6"
"Flying Fairy 7"
"flying fairy"
A flash of light appeared on the screen.
"Congratulations,’ I am Xu, I am the most pretentious’. The live broadcast cost more than one million to officially upgrade the emperor! Now level 12! Start the limit! "
This scene really exploded.
"wow! We pretend to force God to become the emperor in an instant! "
"Ha ha ha the doughnut and fire kirin? Aren’t you arrogant? If you have something to do, roll out and brush it into a great emperor? "
"I saw you two years ago when I was playing Taoke. It took you two years to mix a super-god family. You may be the emperor after just playing for one day. How dare you scum fight for wealth?"
"Force god terrible! Long live God! "
"Brothers, from now on, maybe we will force the guild of God to force the abortion of God to be our eldest sister-in-law! After that, our permanent live broadcast is the live broadcast of Xiaoyue Moon! If anyone dares to bully our eldest sister-in-law, we will kill him if we fight hard! "
"Pretend to force God to brush gifts and force God to brush gifts! Brothers, my blood is boiling! "
"’Flame Flame Flame’ presents the anchor’ Xiaoyue Yue’ Lamborghini 1"
"Brothers, I’m a flame. I’ve spent all my meals this week! Swear to support pretending to force God to swear to support forcing God to promise! "
"I also brushed out my salary for half a month. We want to make my sister-in-law pay attention!"
"From now on, let’s force the man of God to be the most awesome person on this platform! Our brilliance will shine on the whole platform! "
A remote city at the moment
A boy with a mobile phone is sitting in an Internet cafe excitedly, constantly brushing gifts for Xiaoyue Yue.
"After that, I will pretend to be a member of the God Guild. I must pretend to force the God Guild to win glory!"
Then a woman came in from the outside with a broom and looked at the boy fiercely. "But I finally caught you!" I worked hard to make money for you to learn. Is this how you repay me? "
The boy just panicked, but he calmed down for a moment and smiled shamefully. "I don’t want to study today. Please give me this chance. I will leave the Internet cafe with you, but I want to play with my mobile phone for a day. I will study hard from now on."
The boy’s face has a real brilliance. "I must study hard. I must work hard to make money, even if I can’t be as imposing as God’s promise, but I must let my mother live such a respectable day!"
Oh, my God, in an apartment in the city
Fire Kirin directly threw the phone into the bed nu way "this his mama also how to play? I spent more than one million old people in one day, and sixty people in the whole guild spent no more than one million together … I was maxed out by one person! Can’t play! "
Or in a small building in the north city
A white and tender woman in warm bath foam twisted her eyebrows angrily and directly put the original red wine glass with a slightly flirtatious taste aside. Another one was shaking with a mobile phone.
"Okay, okay, I’m not your opponent, and I don’t have so much leisure to challenge this with you, but you and I can’t fight doughnuts, so no one can really fight you?"
Said the doughnut cut out the live broadcast and made a message. After I got through, I immediately smiled, "Brother Tian ~ are you online now?" Oh, hey, you are the only man in our girl warrior association. I have a problem now. Are you too embarrassed to sleep and not help me? You are a 167-level emperor … Well, the thing is … Take care of your express. "
After hanging up, donuts hummed a tune with great interest, raised their legs as white as jade and said, "Xu? Well, no matter what you pretend to be, you will soon realize what kind of people you have provoked! "
"The Great Emperor" Diba Tian "has been online!"
When such an announcement appears in the live broadcast, the live broadcast is naturally more lively.

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