Su Hu heard Zheng Lunyan shake his head with a wry smile and say to people, "This person must have met the evil spirits and talked nonsense in his mouth. This black tiger worshiped the teachings of different people. It’s really necessary to have a supernatural machine to hide a military strategy. Ten thousand people are no match for you. If you despise this person? You must not easily get out and get killed. "

Zheng Lun listened to the sword and shouted, "At the end of the monarch, Hei Hu will not be captured alive to see the head of the item before the generals!" Words can’t help but turn out of the house by military orders. The golden-eyed beast made two handles drop the magic pestle and shoot three thousand crows and soldiers out of the city like a dark cloud to fight against the black tiger.
These two monks have different skills. They fought in a tie, and there was a saying that they hit people. But Zheng Lun also knew that the black tiger was not easy to fight. When they fought in the pestle, they shook 3,000 crow soldiers in their hands, and they shouted like a snake. People were holding hooks in their hands, dragging iron chains and flying clouds.
Chonghei Tiger sees the other soldiers as captives. Somehow, Zheng Lun’s nose is ringing like a bell. Two white light sprays will come out to suck people’s souls. Chonghei Tiger’s ears are dim and his eyes are falling. His armor is off the saddle. A pair of combat boots are dancing wildly. Crow soldiers are captured alive, and his arms are tied with ropes.
The northern army was frightened and anxious to tell Hou Hu that he was so frightened that he didn’t want to lose his brother again in World War I, and his heart became more and more depressed.
At this time, Samsung is looking on coldly, and their hearts are clearly tight. Now, it is necessary for the three of them to help and fear that their strength is too great. Therefore, there is a black tiger to fight, and the three of them are also thinking that there is no indication from Nai Floating Cloud Island, and they are not easy to make moves.
However, Pojun’s heart also thinks that Li Suiyun once said that the imperial spirit originated in the west, and the west is naturally the Xibohou clan. This person is the best at buying people’s hearts, so it is natural for him to please hem on both sides and let him be down a peg or two for a while, and then he will find his bad luck himself.
They don’t want to send people out of the city to surrender after a day. They are all surprised and don’t know why. Pojun’s eyes are sharp and he sees Xibo Houchen’s scattered and suitable life, and his heart suddenly dawns.
It turned out that Su Hu, who was born into the city after being sent to Xibohou, was also called a wise man in Xiqiao, Ji Chang, so he quickly made the city people meet each other and was born into the city management to offer in the future.
Su Hu read the letter, but said that the war was harmful. It was a kind word to persuade Su Hu, a female Shang Dynasty, to get to know Chonghei Tiger. At this time, she had already gone to Tiechonghei Tiger and muttered to herself for a long time before she sighed, "Xibo Hou Yan is right." Su Hu hesitated to hear this before the city surrendered.
Here, Hou Hu also released Su Zhong from Naide into the city, met and discussed in Su Hu, and then went to his wife, Yang, to elaborate on the section of "Jibo came to persuade me to be king". Mrs. Su cried loudly and Su Hu comforted her wife again and again with tears, saying, "This girl came to be charming and afraid that she would not be familiar with the ceremony of serving the king and get into trouble again."
Su Hu listen to is also sad nai potential is better than people, good way "this also didn’t endure to listen to" husband and wife unknowingly sad night.
Here, da ji listened to his parents’ words, and his heart was broken. He went back to his room and cried loudly, and all birds sang together to help the wounded.
This da ji was so sad that it went as far as Tianhao Tiandi and Li Suiyun got along with each other. He heard that da ji was crying bitterly and listening to things, and then he sent someone to see Li Suiyun to make a statement about it, seeing that he had plans.
Li Suiyun is now contemplating how to calculate that Western religions don’t want Heaven to send someone to tell him about da ji. His heart is also very curious. Although there are a large number of celestial immortals, they are also good, but there are really few monks who can see through the past and the future. How can they know the fate of da ji from this?
He muttered something in his heart, but finally he couldn’t get a clue. He glanced at his left side and saw two maids who were silent. I couldn’t help sighing and mumbling, "A femme fatale is a femme fatale …"
Sister Xi couldn’t help but whisper at this, "Beauty? If the monarch is not lecherous, he is beautiful and can he be a disaster? "
Li Suiyun listened to his heart and shook his head gently. He didn’t know this sister’s happiness. Because Xia Jie had a sister’s happiness and went to war endlessly, she squandered it, which eventually made widespread indignation and resentment. Everyone said that her sister was happy to be sycophantic to the subjugation of the summer, but she didn’t know that her sister was suffering.
Glancing at my sister Xi, Li Suiyunfu asked Mei Xueyi again, "How long has Kong Xuan been closed?"
Mei Xueyi pondered slightly and immediately said, "Brother Kong Xuan has been in meditation for ten days. If the noon of the day is over according to the teacher’s calculation, he will be able to complete his merits. The five busy places have been cut out."
Li Suiyun nodded slightly and looked at the two women with emotion. He smiled, "I just said that you are a little unfair about the femme fatale."
My sister likes to follow Li Suiyun’s character for a long time, and no matter how dismayed she is, Mei Xueyi asked Li Suiyun Avenue, "Is it Master that your family is also like a layman to recognize a femme fatale?" Can’t all the sins be borne by women? "
Li Suiyun laughed and shook his head with a sigh and immediately ordered, "You two will follow me for a long time. You can go to Enzhou Post and wait for Jizhou people. If they arrive at you two, you can bring da ji back to the island, which is the curse of Mo Yan. I also lack a maid on this island, just to let her make up."
Mei Xueyi is the most refined, and her heart is in a hurry. "Teacher, is there any change in the Enzhou Post?"
Li Suiyun slightly one leng exulted in the heart and then smiled, "Why do you have this question? Is there so much to do? "
Mei Xueyi said softly, "Teacher, I don’t know how many days it takes from Jizhou to Chaoge, but there is a special reason for you to point us out to Enzhou Post."
After listening to Li Suiyun nodding, Sister Xi was displeased and angry. "Master is really hateful. It’s too bully to see my sisters make a fool of themselves."
Li Suiyun laughed and pointed out, "When you meet a fox in a thousand years when you go to Enzhou Post, don’t show your bravado. Besides, she is also a well-known demon, and I dare not provoke her backstage at this time."
Sister Xi was surprised in her heart and mused slightly, "What is her background? Do you even care?"
Li Suiyun sighed, "Her backstage is Nu Wa Empress Zhou Wang. I don’t know how little she has sinned against Nu Wa Empress. Well, the fox has been ordered to go to the bad country to worship the gods. From now on, if I am not afraid of it on weekdays, I have to be careful when you wait for luck."
Sister Xi was taken aback. She said that there were many monks on the island, and she didn’t want to be on the list. She couldn’t help but look at Li Suiyun with nervousness.
Mei Xueyi is much more calm than her sister Xi. She nodded gently. "I once heard the master say that the monks were involved in the practice of worshipping God and fighting for heaven. I don’t know how many monks were involved in the practice of cultivating high spirits, naturally becoming gods and practicing shallow things, and many of them had to fall into reincarnation. So I should work hard."
Li Suiyun nodded slightly with a stronger smile in her eyes. My sister likes it or not. Mei Xueyi doesn’t know the way. It’s hard to practice. If he doesn’t stimulate his words, even she really doesn’t know that people can practice successfully. It’s not true that the list of gods is sealed.
The two women have spoken to Li Suiyun, but they got up and got ready to go.
Chapter 16 Five-color divine light comes out of clouds
After Li Suiyun’s sister Xi and Mei Xueyi went, there was no big deal to read. Soon, Li Suiyun suddenly saw five divine lights in the secret room of the hall and went straight to the sky.
He first rejoiced that Kong Xuan was even successful in uniting with others, but then his face changed. However, when he saw the dark clouds hanging over the sky, his eyes seemed to be doomed. He jumped up and stretched out his hand to copy his hand. There was already an extra bamboo stick. He snorted angrily and immediately got up and went to find each other’s bad luck.
On this day, no one but Li Suiyun has the courage. What is talent? What is courage? This is courage. Of course, if he had not had experience in fighting against Armageddon in those years, he would not be so bold.
Surprisingly, Armageddon doesn’t seem to have any attack this time, which means that it shoots a few flashes more than ten minutes thinner than chopsticks and then disappears. Is this also called Armageddon? It seems that lightning is much thicker when it thunders!
In my heart, I was surprised when I saw a divine light rushing to meet the five-color divine light, and suddenly I became six Kong Xuan, whose clothes were different in color, and the five were all presented to Li Suiyun in accordance with their colors.
Li Suiyun’s heart is full of joy. This Kong Xuan has now cultivated five busy members. These five busy members live and die according to the five elements. If they are arranged in a large array of five elements, it is not enough for the other party to drink a pot. The chances of winning the battle will also increase greatly in the future.
When Kong Xuan saw Li Suiyun, he was also happy with all kinds of penance. Today, there are great achievements and great pains. No outsider can know that the sad place was the foundation of his Tao foundation, and he can’t help but wet his eyes.
Li Suiyun was both happy and sad to see Kong Xuan like this. He snorted a reprimand. "Don’t lose my face without me. Now that you have completed your studies, I will be interested to see who else is your opponent."
Li Suiyun was so happy in his heart that he immediately ordered the boy servant to set up a small banquet. He personally asked Li Suiyun about the recent events in Kong Xuan, and Li Suiyun shook his head and sighed repeatedly.
Kong Xuan hesitated slightly, then said, "Master, now that we have achieved success, I am confident that none of the immortals are my opponents. Why don’t you wait until the time comes to explain the bad luck of the immortals?"
After listening to Li Suiyun’s heart, he nodded, "I have one thing that I need you to do. It’s not difficult for me to make a big deal except for you. It’s really hard for me to let them go. Now that you’ve made five busy people, you can get away with it even if you meet a saint. Be careful about everything."
Kong Xuan listened to his heart and was surprised. He looked at Li Suiyun’s face full of indecision and thoughtfully for a long time before he sighed slightly, "Is it true that Master’s affairs are so big that Yuan and Tongtian, two scholars or western saints, will they really stop each other regardless of their own identity?"
Li Suiyun shook his head and sighed lightly, "Although many of the masters of Floating Cloud Island are well-founded, they are also stronger than his three religions. If one-on-one is the most powerful, we are not afraid of Nai, but who is stronger than one-on-one. God knows if they will unite together. If it is really at that time, we have a way to go."
Kong Xuan’s eyes were full of sighs. He hesitated and sighed, "Master, wouldn’t it save a lot of things if we broke a lesson first?"
Li Suiyun sneered, "If you think well, I will make this hand, but there is nothing wrong with it. The key is that at this time, the war of gods has already started, and they are not idiots. If you can’t see that they are familiar with it, they will try their best to guard against me!"
Kong Xuan listened to a slight surprise, and his eyes showed surprise. He nodded slightly and said, "That’s true. As Master said, I taught the leaders of strength, but now we are afraid that all the religions will guard against us. Master doesn’t know what you want me to do, but please tell him."
Li Suiyun nodded slightly. "I am also good at observing the airway. I have seen that the imperial spirit originated from the western soup industry and was doomed to ruin. I also wanted to delay my success. Now we should prepare early."
Kong Xuan’s eyes lit up and immediately realized, "Master wants me to change Zhou Bo, Hou Jichang, and let him be inclined to our school, so that the west will prosper in the future."
Li Suiyun shook his head and sneered, "You are wrong. I want you to go to Xibohou instead of Xibohou, but you can take an examination of him."
Kong Xuan startled slightly thoughtfully eyes off a flash some wake up, "the master that Xibo Hou Jichang didn’t have a chance to become an adult clan owner. Alas, he was busy, and in the end he had to do his son’s wedding clothes? It’s really pitiful to think of him. "
Li Suiyun shook his head and smiled. "You are wrong. Imperial spirit is not a test of Boyi, but if his brother Ji Fashen is surprised, he will inherit the unification."
Kong Xuan frowned and blurted out, "Master, it is reasonable for us to assist Ji Fa. After all, God’s will is hard to violate. Although you always advocate going against the sky, the so-called master who goes against the sky will be able to reverse his destiny if he makes moves, but it will take a lot of effort after all. Master, we will not help Ji Fa to push the throne so that we can save a lot of effort."
Li Suiyun laughed coldly. "Push him to the throne? Do you think my brothers can’t see through this? I’m afraid they would have done it long ago. I never thought about helping Ji Fa hem. What’s good about helping him? Although he is the second wife, if anything happens, he will never have a chance to ascend the throne in his generation, but in the same way, he should be the king of trick or two or him. "
Speaking of which, Li Suiyun gave a meaningful smile and looked at Kong Xuan lightly, "Do you know what I mean?"
Kong Xuan suddenly realized that he nodded heavily. "So, master, I see. Do you mean that Ji Fa even had a desire to take the throne early? If he followed the master’s temperament, he would wait for the opportunity to get started in the Boyi exam and wait for the throne to be taken away, and he tasted everything that belonged to him.
Then he didn’t know how to thank Master for his gift! "
Li Suiyun gently nodded and revealed a smile and looked at Kong Xuan’s low track. "It is for this reason that you finally see white and don’t waste my teaching, so you need to be careful. If something happens, you can kill me. My floating brother can’t stand being bullied by others."
Kong Xuan nodded yes and immediately got up and went. He also knew that the matter could not be delayed, and he was especially careful that the five busy members were all honored and that the mirror of heaven in science was equipped, for fear of missing a little thing.
Li Suiyun nodded slightly and woke up in his heart. He hesitated slightly in what Sister Xi did, but he was always at ease. Then he called a busy person to help him. If Sister Xi and Mei Xueyi were in no danger, they would watch. If they were in any danger, they would take care of it.
It is said that this Su Hu ordered 3,000 troops and 500 families to prepare the felt car, which made da ji dress up and set off. da ji heard the tears and bid farewell to his mother, and his eldest brother was so charming that he was like a cage full of cigarettes, peony and rain. How could the pear mother give up her life and see the left and right attendants? She urged the lady to cry and enter the house, and the young lady also had tears in her eyes.

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