Chapter 172 Your name is known

Since that day, the soldiers in the base have developed a strong interest in martial arts, so whenever I practice boxing on the playground, soldiers often come to ask for advice and capture fighting skills, and I also patiently explain them.
I will explain how they should learn the strength of military boxing to achieve the maximum power of military boxing.
In the end, boxing is a force that transports Tai Ji Chuan and the palm of the hexagram runs hard. I can’t see through it, but it takes me a while to find out if it is as simple as this and causes the enemy’s military boxing to run hard.
After my guidance, the soldiers found that the power of military boxing became greater, so more and more soldiers came to consult.
Just when I was almost overwhelmed, Lu Qinghe finally received the news that we were leaving for America.
"You five live here first, and you will join the army directly when you recruit in a few months." I said to Xu Yeling and the five of them paid for food and accommodation these months. This place is not a charity. Although Major General Wang personally came forward, some of them still have to pay. After all, the five of them are not a soldier yet.
"Uncle, thank you!" Xu night spirit five people thank you to me
"What I can do is up to you." I patted Xu Yeling on the shoulder and said.
But when I was about to turn away, Xu Yeling suddenly stopped me and said, "Uncle, when can we meet again?"
"When you grow up!" I casually cope with the way
"I’m not a child," Xu Yeling muttered a little, then blushed and said to me, "Uncle, can I take a picture with you?"
"Yes!" I promised to come.
Then the two of us Wei Yan and the four of them took photos with Xu Yeling’s mobile phone and kept saying, "Ye Ling, you are closer."
Xu Ye Ling blushed and suddenly put her head on my shoulder, and then Wei Yan took a few photos in a row.
After the photo, Xu Ye Ling blushed and ran away quickly.
I smiled and soon forgot the episode.
When I got into the car, Lu Qinghe teased me, "Little girl won’t like you, will she?"
"I am her uncle!"
Lu Qinghe left the pie mouth and didn’t speak again, but started the car and drove out of the barracks towards Yangcheng.
As always, I closed my eyes behind the car and recited Buddhist scriptures in my mouth.
This time, we will fly from Yangcheng to the Imperial Capital and then from the Imperial Capital to the United States.
Major General Wang will tell us when he arrives at the Imperial Capital.
After arriving in Yangcheng, Lu Qinghe bought an economy class. I glanced at my boarding pass and said, "Is your MI2 so stingy to buy an economy class on a national flight?"
Lu Qinghe glanced at me and replied, "Do you know what a good agent is? It’s the ordinary people who don’t recognize the roots in the crowd. This is the best agent. "
"Oh, then you must be the best agent." I replied to her and hurried away.
"You …" Lu Qing stamped her foot on the plane and she didn’t say a word to me again.
After arriving at the Imperial Capital International Airport, a special car will pick us up.
Anyway, I have already lost my sense of direction in Catharine and met Major General Wang in a building.
"It’s very difficult this time. You three will go to the United States to pick up a person and come back. You will be sure that I will like it for you three when he comes back safely." Major General Wang looked very anxious. He took out the photo of the person and some basic information to let the three of us memorize.
Yong Ru, a monk, took one look and threw it away. He was bent on the Buddha and didn’t care much about the country and ethnic affairs. The most important thing is that the two of us supported each other’s dream as if it were a fantasy.
We only took the plane to America after being delayed by the Imperial Capital for half a day.
However, after arriving in the United States, Lu Qinghe did not find a contact person and no one came to pick us up.
"Is there something wrong?" I frowned.
Lu Qinghe’s face is very ugly, and there are tears in his eyes.
"What’s the matter?" I walked beside her and asked the little girl.

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