Lingqing took out a gourd and collected all the essence and rhyme.

Then wanhua brushed the dust and drew a charm to suppress the gourd mouth.
Turn around and say "Let’s move on" to Taoist Lingdao and others.
"Good … good …" Road flyover Ling looked as if in a trance.
He thought that Lingqing might have a fighting force with this powerful creature in front of him, but he never thought that he could slay it.
I never thought it would be so easy.
Like a dream, like waking up, I walked a long way with Lingqing, and everyone just came to my mind.
Looking at LingQing eyes flashed a complicated look.
At first, spiritual cultivation was not very impressive.
One of the other disciples can shoot the middle reaches.
As time went on, his strength gradually followed him.
After the immortal moment, he completed the realm and repaired the transcendence.
Become the first immortal and the strongest among all the other disciples.
And when everyone became immortal, they found that in this short time, they and others were already hard to find.
Is this the power of accumulating and accumulating?
Although the mood is complicated, they are not jealous of Lingqing.
From the beginning, everyone became attached to each other.
One kowtowed to the same master.
We have never had irreconcilable differences because of something.
As time goes by, everyone becomes more and more intimate, and it becomes more and more mellow like honey mixed with oil.
The progress of spiritual youth will make them happy
But also full of hope.
Yourself and others may not have such talent as Lingqing, but watching him move steadily towards pick step by step.
People’s hearts are also a little more confident in picking up the road
Ling Qing’s sword seemed to cut a door, crossed a threshold and established his position.
Everyone quietly watched them step by step toward the central Tianzhu, and no creatures came forward to stop them.
When Lingqing and his party entered the central Tianzhu within a certain range, they suddenly felt as if they had entered another world.
The rules of the world are active and the avenue is obvious.
For a moment, including Lingqing, I felt that I had made progress again.
Compared with Tianzhu, there are not many creatures around the central Tianzhu.
Compared with this place, the sacred and great magical people are gathered here.
Lingqing and others had to keep coming when they had not gone far.
Because if you go any further, it will be his Luo Xian territory.
If you have offended a spiritual youth, you are not afraid to offend two or three, and he is confident that he can escape.
However, if you offend more, even he can’t guarantee that he can walk away.
He is so, not to mention spiritual Taoist and others.
As soon as they entered here, they surrounded Lingqing closely.
Chapter one thousand one hundred and fifty-two Bi Fangqin original
At first glance, Lingqing found that there were many picks around this central Tianzhu.
Most of them are heard and said but never seen.
Such as Bi Fang, Ghost Car, Jimeng, Yingzhao and so on.
Most of them are guarding their own territory and don’t interfere with each other.

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