As a military strongman, his political life and physical life have reached the final outcome and people can’t stop him.

Once the core competitiveness of a strongman is destroyed by a stronger external force, the contradiction between the strongman and the residence will first break out and tear the strongman to pieces together.
How strong he is when he holds hands, how ugly he is when he dies.
The army is a qualified external factor. After the war, it didn’t stop, even the battlefield didn’t care how to clean it. Kong Zhende led the main army to chase after the safe capital.
The powerful firepower of the army swept away three military facilities and destroyed three military camps, and completed the siege of Beijing in one day.
Before the army arrived in Ping ‘an, a large number of residents and dignitaries from the periphery of Ping ‘an rushed into Ping ‘an.
They are also desperate, and they don’t know where they are. As a result, most of them have poured into Pingan, and a few people have fled to Danbo, a country in the northwest.
Several times, the emperor’s current French emperor’s department fled to Ping ‘an, and the nobles and bureaucrats also fled to Ping ‘an, and the army also fled to Ping ‘an before the preparations were completed.
At this moment, they don’t have to rely on this city and its peace and prosperity for his Ping army.
Although the drainage function of this city is poor, it is full of stolen goods and stinks. There are many clean and refreshing places with a small piece, but this is ideal city after all
Although the 30 thousand troops who went out were wiped out, there is still an elite in the city to defend, which they can confirm
They rushed into the back of the city to look for Pingqingsheng, but Pingqingsheng kept his house peaceful and filled the body together. No one could see Pingjia, and everyone could rely on Pingqingsheng, Sanpingzongsheng.
However, compared with Ping Zongsheng, Ping Zongsheng did not show military and political talents. On the contrary, people’s arrogance, great events and timid style have always been unpopular.
But who would have thought that Ping Chongsheng would die like that?
In the face of the extreme dilemma outside Beijing, Ping Zongsheng couldn’t come up with an effective plan. In the face of the inquiries of Ping’s retainers and the inquiries sent by Hou Baihe Fahuang, he was at a loss and couldn’t even say a complete sentence.
Some veteran ministers knelt outside Pingqingsheng’s room and cried for Pingqingsheng to come out and preside over the overall situation.
But Pingqingsheng seems to be addicted to grief for a long time and can’t respond to their cries.
Kong Zhende won’t give them too much time, but the military also has a very urgent feeling that if it is delayed for a long time, the raid will be blocked by reinforcements from other places, and a large number of sentries will be released to explore the surrounding situation while rushing to storm Beijing.
The artillery department carried by the army pushed the array round after round of heavy shelling
A large number of siege equipment were obtained from the surrounding Japanese military barracks. At this time, a field army was also sent. A small number of trebuchets were also found in the Japanese military barracks, which were just pulled out and sent out to throw Raytheon cannons to enhance the attack on the city wall.
With Raytheon guns and artillery shells bombarding the Pingan capital, there was chaos.
Due to the lack of unified command, it is difficult to prevent effective defense of city soldiers, and it is difficult to coordinate and help each other, and the goal of effective city defense cannot be achieved.
The army can not wait for them to recover and storm the wall directly.
The shield of elite melee troops approached Chengtou Ping’s army step by step, and it was easy to react in the shock of gunpowder explosion. I just wanted to put an arrow to stop it, but I had to face the attack of arms gunmen.
The wall of Ping ‘an capital is not high or thick, and its defense is very limited.
Although it was built in imitation of Chang ‘an in Tang Dynasty, in the final analysis, there are similar drawings and plans, and Japan’s national strength is insufficient to build a huge city like Chang ‘an.
Due to the considerable problem of site selection, the urban terrain inclines from northeast to southwest, which leads to the long-term immersion of Chang ‘an’s famous right Beijing in a puddle, while the nobles of heian period tried to solve the drainage problem of right Beijing, which led to the rapid abandonment of the right part of Ping ‘an Beijing. Most people found Luoyang’s famous sakyo.
Kong Zhende learned the news from the secret agent of Tianwang Army, so he planned to capture artillery and main siege ordnance. Once sakyo attacked, it created a huge potential and forced the city defenders to arrange the main military forces in sakyo.
Then he sent the 41st Division, Shi Shuai Qihetong, to lead a large army of 2,000 people, and then quietly marched to Youjing during the height of the war. Indeed, he found that the Pingan Beijing Youjing part was very dilapidated and desolate, and even a city sample was almost gone.
According to the spies, a large wall in the right Beijing was almost dilapidated, and there was no defense with or without similar roots.
It was not until Pingqingsheng dominated the trade with the Song Dynasty that he made a lot of money with deep pockets, so he felt that Ping An Jing should be a bit like Beijing, so he allocated funds to repair Ping An Jing, but only to repair the part where the dignitaries lived in sakyo.
The right part of Beijing is mainly inhabited by civilians, vagrants and other ninth-rate people. Then repair a sample product to look a little better, that’s all.
Moreover, due to bureaucratic corruption, many repair funds have been embezzled, and the repair in Beijing is really a sample. There is no drainage problem, and even tramps rarely appear here.
In some areas, the city walls can be kicked out, let alone attacked by siege equipment.
At this time, Ping An Jing sakyo Kong Zhende commanded the artillery troops to play in full swing. Everyone paid attention to Zuo Jinggen, and few people paid attention to You Jing Qi and Tong. They seized this opportunity and led two thousand elites into You Jing in one fell swoop.
Funny is that after Qi and Tong broke into the right Beijing, they didn’t meet the guarding city army. A large number of ragged, pale and short civilians watched them in horror.
And then run away
Qi and Tong didn’t care to take these civilians through Youjing to sakyo, killing the Japanese guarding city by surprise.
Spending in the center is equal to
Inside and outside, Pingjing quickly fell, the army surged into Miyagi, and it was quickly broken.
He was stunned when the news reached Pingqingsheng’s ear.
He just died because he wanted to be a little sad. As a result, he was sad. How long before the city was broken?
The army is fair to all people.
No matter who resists, they will be killed, and those who throw away their weapons and beg for mercy will be spared.
Pingqingsheng’s courtiers and elite private soldiers tried to fight our way out to protect Pingjia, but it was very dangerous to face the idea of elite and good fighting troops.
To make matters worse, the Pingjia breakout army accidentally met a complete army array, and more than 20 muskets were shot directly by them in one round.
Pingqingsheng finally witnessed what happened to this strange firearm that killed his son. After a loud noise, a big stream of white smoke came out, and a pro-guard was interrupted inexplicably. The knife-wielding arm fell and twitched and died.
Is this a cruel and powerful weapon?
Pingqingsheng doesn’t know
Chapter 1653 Pingqing Sheng died
What Pingqingsheng knows is that people around him are constantly dying, and there are constant screams from familiar people.
After a short period of confusion, he became angry.
How dare you kill my department in front of me?
At the last moment of his life, he angrily raised his knife and struggled to drag his aging body, trying to attack like he did when he was young and show his bravery.
It was with such bravery that he got the first quasi-martial home economics that the samurai believed in establishing Japanese history, which initiated the samurai to surpass you and climb the political stage.
From this point of view, he is a pioneer, although he does not represent the progressive forces.
But times have changed.
The musket spewed smoke and flames, which took away his ambition and ideal.
Three rounds of lead hit him and broke his body. He was bleeding like a flood, and the pain hit him. He fell violently and convulsed several times and died.
When he died, his eyes were wide open and he was unwilling.
The Pingjia breakout team was almost wiped out, and finally a dozen women and children knelt down and begged for mercy, but they were not killed by the army and became prisoners.
At the same time, there were few breakouts in the entire Ping ‘an capital. After the armed forces lost their unified command, many of them lost heart and surrendered in pieces.
Without the armed forces, the bureaucrats did not have the courage to fight to the death with the army, except for a few who had the courage to die, the vast majority surrendered.
Ironically, the will to resist is the most determined, but it is the stubborn division between the Korean fugitives and the Southern Song fugitives.
Perhaps they knew that if they didn’t fight, they would be arrested and executed by the state, and there was no hope of survival. The old and young fought fiercely, and of course they were wiped out by the army.
However, there is an exception, that is, some people who are United with the Skynet Army got an early retreat plan. The city is in chaos and saved their lives by hiding in the cellar or sneaking out of the city through a path.
After that, they handed over the identity token to the secret agents of Tianwang Army, and handed over the token certificate to protect their lives.
Kong Zhende was surprised to find that the city resistance ended in about three hours before and after, and they gained a lot. It seems that a large number of ruling class figures have been captured by him here
Kong Zhende hasn’t let his guard down yet. He still sends people to keep an eye on the four directions and plans to station troops here. However, after the victory, he gains a lot of war benefits and important prisoners and needs to move to a safer place.
For example, if you go back to that difficult city in Tianjin, which is still a relatively complete city, you can stick to the back of the sea and temporarily install the war benefits and prisoners of war at any time at the command of the general headquarters to transfer them.
And Ping An Jing will become a nail. Whoever comes here will be bombarded head-on by the military iron fist.
Therefore, when he ordered to go to the army, the action was faster and more brutal, and there was no warmth to say that there was a simple and thorough order

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