Those self-absorbed mercenaries hit the iron plate without warning.

After the hairdresser Qun Qing announced the establishment of the "Fu Ji Club" company, they specially recruited some employees with chips to take on "night security"
On the evening of that day, after the security cameras wearing bulletproof vests were shot, the Tzu Chi Society immediately got limited self-defense-a group of elite mercenaries with well-equipped and security systems immediately filed out from the target point without these security guards, killing or arresting those who were shocked more easily than the thorns.
The next day, none of the Happiness Island companies suffered losses.
The same is true on the third day.
When people realize what it means to help the society … even the conditions, roots and logical hostility towards the "coders" group have disappeared a lot.
After all, in the final analysis, Happiness Island is hostile and hateful to coders. It was originally the company’s manual training, just like the parents of paradise birds … A few decades ago, they just chose to live in the ordinary residents of the city. This kind of hatred will be because the company hopes that people will recognize their misfortune because of these coders.
Now, with this cognition being powerfully erased by Qunqing-although people can’t be said to wake up at once, the original black and white are blurred and people immediately move to both sides, and their real position becomes clear.
Playing a symphony of destiny by a synthetic person is like waking people from a dream.
At night, the security code has improved rapidly. People no longer go out and mix together. People form different combinations and launch a lot of high-quality art at a very fast pace … This time, it is no longer Luo Suwen’s copy, but they create it themselves, which is really excellent.
The noisy and confusing island of happiness seems to be clean and quiet in an instant.
It’s like the chaos in the evening and the quiet in the early hours of the busy neighborhood.
The first things that make people infatuated with madness suddenly lose their attraction inexplicably … Those things that they once immersed in suddenly seem to be childish and interesting.
It’s as if everyone suddenly grew up together overnight, and they seem to be able to understand others’ minds more easily, and conflicts arising from misunderstandings are easily eliminated.
….. that seems to be an illusion and it seems not.
Their hearts get a strange peace and satisfaction, and their restless hearts are gradually smoothed by a wave of repeated echoes.
Their eyes became clear and bright as if they had been cold-compressed.
They can no longer remember their dreams, and their sleep quality suddenly improved inexplicably from the day the Symphony of Destiny was released.
Those who wear glasses do not bode well for their eyesight.
People see the picture clearly in the mirror, and everyone will realize that they want to wipe the mirror stained by fog and dust.
The key …
At night, the moon seems to be several times brighter than usual, or perhaps the brightness of the moon has not changed. The change is the attention paid to the "moon" in people’s field of vision
The most such situation is the Tianen District … Then the changed scope quickly spread to the whole island of happiness in one day.
It’s as if people have been taken care of by the mirror.
Chapter sixty-one Sneak into the group subconscious
Two days later, the "Virtual Small Glass" launched by Tianen Daily was officially launched.
By sampling "Little Glass" in detail, I bought AI technology from Sogo Island to make perfect personality imitation software. Tianen Daily decided to broadcast some news and resume the online concert-for most people, they would not have gone to the concert anyway.
In this case, there is no difference between small glass alive and dead, but it is better to say dead … because they can make some small glass unwilling to sing and do business and give it all to "her"
They think so.
However, the fact has dealt a heavy blow to the management of Tianen Daily-people are unusually indifferent to the virtual small glass.
It doesn’t make sense!
Even if the "real little glass" is not dead, he will no longer show his face and sing … But the huge traffic he brings will make those who have forgotten the little glass suddenly recall it again. According to the pre-market model, it will help them launch this virtual idol and make a lot of money. If they succeed, they can replace people by transforming a large number of idols into "virtual idols"
Later, it can also promote some adults to the surrounding areas … For example, simulating maid robots to put an idol’s virtual personality.
It’s supposed to be a well-received technology, right?
So don’t you miss the little glass song?
Don’t you want her to come back to life?
However, these people are so indifferent to this kind of marketing as if they suddenly woke up.
Looking at the bankruptcy of the "Virtual Small Glass" project, Delphine could not help but smile with satisfaction and pleasure.
Although she doesn’t know what happiness island people suddenly seem to have a high IQ group … it doesn’t prevent her from laughing at the management of Zicong Tianen Daily. "It really deserves it.
"They don’t understand that the root of the’ small glass’ they made is not the one that people love."

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