"I really don’t know how many people have died in this place. There is such a heavy resentment when the door is just hit." Li Yan’s heart andao

Yue Jin smiled and said, "Please go inside, my Lord."
Chapter seven hundred and forty-six On the second floor
"Just lead the way"
Li Yan won’t feel uncomfortable because of this anger and anger. His evil spirit is almost inappropriate and will be incinerated by heart fire. However, he also feels the faint vibration and excitement of the waist sword.
Excited about what?
He was very curious about the Tai ‘a Sword. He didn’t fully understand it. He knew that this sword could help him cultivate the silent Xuan Jin firm but gentle, and besides, he knew it.
All the way, the steps are steps that can absorb grievances. Obsidian is made and the inscription is printed, which makes it indestructible. But at this time, Li Yan in Obsidian can see the clouds of black gas moving with the naked eye, which shows that grievances have reached the extreme and are absorbed again.
The steps are nine feet wide and seven carriages walk side by side. It is not a problem how many steps Li Yan has, but he doesn’t know. He knows that there are long lights flashing like a fire dragon on both sides of the steps in the distance.
Soon Li Yan came to the first floor of the prison, where several cells stood dark and looked depressing.
"Adult’s imprisonment for the first time was caused by some villains in the crime department. Not many adults don’t have to wave here," Yue Jin said
Li Yan took one look, and sure enough, the people who were taken in were all monks who practiced the spirit and refined the spirit, and none of them were monks in Nuoxing. These people were not worth recruiting, and the people who were taken in here were also the most.
Walking on, at this time, he saw guards on both sides of the steps. Every three feet, there was one. Although it was not high, it was enough to see that this layer was valued by Datang.
"On the second floor, the prisoners are at least recruited by adults in Nuoxing territory. If you want to recruit monks in Nuoxing territory, you can choose a small one on this floor and don’t accompany adults to go in and wait here." Yue Jin said.
Li Yan said, "Let’s go with me to see the recruitment scope of the Godsworn in Xingjing."
"Adults had better recruit a skilled monk when recruiting Nuxing Jing, so that the Temple of Peace can be better developed," Heiyan said. "It is indispensable for merchants and refiners and alchemists to send letters to explore news. Of course, adults also need to recruit some beautiful female monks when necessary."
Li Yan’s eyes didn’t move to hit this black rock. It’s really a good idea. I didn’t think so much before, but I not only frowned when recruiting female monks. "There will be no military prostitutes in our army."
Black Rock said, "My Lord means white, but the reason why my Lord suggests recruiting female monks is not to be a military prostitute. If you want a military prostitute, you can recruit female monks on the first floor, but it is not suitable for these female monks in the magical realm. We can’t hold back because of the height. Hehe means recruiting these female monks, but to recruit some bachelors to be wives and work together in the future. If you have some feelings, you can form a joint company, and the army will be more stable."
"Datang army seems to also can’t help women is recruiting female monk is really appropriate? Or do these people just say these words because they want to find a partner? "Li Yan took a look at Heiyan." I’ll consider it if you think about it. "
"Yes, my Lord," Black Rock said.
Although Li Yan didn’t promise, she also agreed with this idea in her heart. After all, there is a saying that men and women are not tired of working together. But at the same time, he is also worried that the appearance of female monks will make these genera out of control. The short answer is that you are preoccupied with women, and will you do things with peace of mind?
Every cell is made of good steel, and each cell has an inscription on it, and every cell is not a big one. There is a monk in Nuoxingjing, men, women and children, but these people don’t know how to be imprisoned. Xiu is honestly sitting in the cell and watching Li Yan and others pass by.
"These people are very angry and it is a curse to attract them," said Ji Qingkou, who has been silent.
Li Yan replied, "I have found murder and anger in these people’s eyes. If you want them to do it, it will be counterproductive, but it is not urgent. Some people are willing to go out and pay a price."
"Are you here to recruit soldiers?" Suddenly one of them was asked by the prison monk.
"Yes, if you want to go out, you can choose to join my Ping ‘an Army." Li Yan said calmly.
"Bah, court lackeys, get out of here. No one wants to join your Peace Corps. Once you join any army, you can’t even protect your life. Fighting for the potential root won’t kill us monks who are recruited as if we were not just a chess game." The monk spat at Li Yan directly.
Li Yan doesn’t mind smiling gently. "It seems that you have a deep prejudice against the Tang Dynasty. Unfortunately, I don’t like the Tang Dynasty either. I came here to recruit soldiers because I have to have enough strength if I want to live in this world, otherwise I will be in this dark dungeon like you."
"Born? Funny, if you were born, you wouldn’t have done anything. It’s not enough to live in seclusion in the mountains. "The monk sneered at it with disdain.
Li Yan said, "It’s a good idea for you to die of old age, but it’s not called seclusion, but escape from the cruelty of the world. You can be a master in the world like a hermit. I don’t know that hermits were famous and strong before their seclusion. Well, I won’t talk nonsense with you. Go on to jail here. I believe there should still be white people here."
As Li Yan left, the friar fell silent, and the friar’s eyes also showed a different color.
"Wait, I want to go out and join your army." A burly and angry man sank.
Li Yan stopped. "What will you do if we don’t want waste in our army?"
Does "pillaging count? If you want to give me dozens of genera, I can rob you of a lot of wealth, "said Nahan."
"Robber?" Li Yan meditated.
"Not bad"
Li Yan asked, "If you listen to my command, I’ll take you out. If you can’t, sit here safely."
"Naturally, I’ve had enough of this place to die here, so I might as well go out and fight. If I’m lucky, I’m afraid I can mix up some tricks," said the Han.
"What’s your name?"
"Zhao Hu"
Chapter seven hundred and forty-seven See Bai Haitang again.
It’s a good name. Zhao Hu doesn’t know if he can recruit Zhang Long again, so Zhang Long Zhao Hu smiled gently and Li Yan waved. "The jailer knocked on this door and let him out. I’ll take this Zhao Hu."
"Yes, my Lord." Every other way, a jailer was quickly beaten by the jailer with the gate. This burly man came out with a head taller than Li Yan.
"Since you are a robber, you should have hands. Can they?" Li Yan asked
Zhao Hu said, "All of them are dead, but the boss was caught in, but his head was beheaded not long ago."
Li Yan’s eyes are micro-moving. I remember that when the beheadings in the prison of punishments were all one of them, it was not long before I got out of prison. It’s not certain that this person’s boss was still beheaded by himself. What fate is this?
"Go to the back and follow. I will continue to recruit soldiers."
"yes, boss"
Some genera of Heiyan Xianping looked at this Han. From this Zhao Hushen, they could feel a dangerous breath. Shaqi was very heavy, really like a hungry tiger that had swallowed several people.
"This Han Xiu is not simple. Do you want to send a few people to stare at him?" After all, it is a newly recruited black rock, and some people are not at ease.
Li Yan said, "If you don’t go out now, wait until he resumes the repair."
It took me a while to recruit a monk. Li Yan felt that he was a little harsh in recruiting monks. Some monks were interested in coming out, but they were pushed away by themselves because of their skills. Looking like this, it is estimated that less than 40 people will be recruited in a day or two.
"Li Yan Li Yan Li Dage help me here …" Suddenly a man called from a cell.
Li Yan heard that someone actually knew himself, but he walked past out of curiosity, but he was a young man in a mess. "I don’t seem to know you, do I? Who do you know my name?"
Or what old man didn’t expect but was a stranger?
"Brother Li, I’m Bai Haitang. Amen, the nickname jade-faced dragon, a pear flower pressing begonia and white begonia. Brother Li, remember?" Bai Haitang’s eyes filled with tears.
Li Yan pondered, "After hearing what you said, I have some impressions. It seems that of course I left you with a group of women. How about that time when a dozen women took medicine to deal with you? I didn’t expect you to be drained. Not only did you have nothing to repair, but it was a good breakthrough."
Bai Haitang trembled when he heard Li Yan recall the past. He not only recalled that more than a dozen peak sexually women seemed to tear themselves apart.
"By the way, how do you get to Beijing?" Li Yan asked
Bai Haitang said painfully, "You left me in that woman’s pile that day. As a result, I finally lost my strength and fainted. When I woke up, I was brought to Beijing by this group of traffickers. It was said that I was well-bred and handsome, and I was not sure that I could sell it to those rich people in Beijing as a pet man. Finally, I worked hard to cultivate in the hands of a lady, and finally broke through to Nuoxing to escape. I couldn’t be caught back, and then I was whipped and sent to this prison of punishments."
"This gigolo is unlucky enough." Black Rock couldn’t help grinning.
Li Yan was embarrassed and coughed. At the beginning, embroidered bamboo fell into the hands of traffickers, and she was busy trying to save her out. As a result, she forgot this person. No wonder embroidered bamboo always felt something was wrong when she pestered herself one night and wouldn’t let herself leave.

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