But as soon as he hit the bag, he accidentally found himself with one more thing in it.

"This is-"
Lu Li carefully took out that many things are like a hurricane lamp, but the size is much smaller than the ordinary hurricane lamp.
Just when I was confused, the lantern suddenly turned bright and a light and shadow came out of it.
Lu Li exclaimed that the good room was heavily banned and Lu Li’s voice did not come out.
That place of light and shadow is exactly what Chu Yun changed. Seeing the virtual shadow, Chu Yun exclaimed and said with a smile, "Don’t be surprised that you can practice until the late stage of returning to the immortal, and it’s time to teach the martial arts. Otherwise, how can you live up to this master and apprentice name?"
Lu Li wondered, "Master, how can this virtual shadow appear in this storm lantern?"
Chu Yun indifferently said, "The teacher naturally does whatever he wants. This time, when you break through and return to the immortals, I will officially give you some cultivation methods."
Lu Li’ s heart is stunned and can be used against the enemy?
Don’t you have less kinds of skills?
It seems that I have lost my mind. Chu Yun’s tone is slightly slower. "Although you have mastered many cultivation methods, they are all limited and the root of the problem is not here. Simply put, you and I have a fight?"
Lu Li wondered, "Master Wen Dou?"
Chu Yun laughed. "You and I need to learn from each other about the cultivation of Tao. It’s just the true meaning of Tao in words."
Lu Li heard the news immediately and asked, "What is the master going to do?"
Chu Yun replied, "Now let me ask you what is the strongest attack you can make if you are in an ordinary state?"
Lu Li didn’t speak directly, but hesitated for a few minutes before he answered, "If the normal state is estimated to reverse the course of the heart, launching the nine-turn pole can achieve the effect of destroying a blow. After all, although the heart-stealing fist is exquisite, it is not sure that it will kill a blow when facing some strong enemies, but the nine-turn pole is a frontal attack method suitable for the storm."
Lu Li’s remarks made no secret of his unusual state. It is really difficult for him to display such stunts as the night rain burning his heart. If he forcibly displays them, it is likely to lead to chaos in the meridians.
Chu Yun did not comment, but continued, "What is the strongest defense?"
Lu Li smell speech fell silent again, because it seems that even he himself is hard to figure out what is the strongest defense.
To this, Lu Li replied, "I always take defense according to the situation when I pay attention to change in defense. It really stumbles me to ask such a question."
As you said, it is really a good choice to take defensive measures according to the attack situation of the other side, but it also has disadvantages. The real master’s engagement and attack and defense conversion are extremely fast, and it is unpredictable to pay attention to the other side’s magic weapon. If you don’t have enough confidence, it will be difficult to be truly unbeaten by means of temporary defense.
It is difficult to refute such words, not because he stopped to think, but because of the question from master Chu Yun, who himself is really difficult to answer this deficiency.
See Lu Li some understand Chu Yun continued, "Your current practice achievement method is quite complicated. From Taikoo, some basic achievement methods, the five-element god formula can be said to represent the five-element technique, and the remaining nine turns are extremely manipulative. It is a kind of performance that focuses on attacking and can also be disguised to defend the enemy. The Yin and Yang method formula is quite profound. Your current practice realm is barely a master, and the Yin and Yang force is not so easy to master in metaphysics. You are quite familiar with the Taiji Heart Sutra, and you pay attention to change in actual combat."
Lu Li nodded slightly, and the teacher’s words can be said to describe his own cultivation situation quite clearly.
Words haven’t finished Chu Yun continued, "Body-building skills, you practice all kinds of boxing skills, but it’s barely a matter of exercising your physique and strengthening your body, but it’s not really a body-building way. I’m still satisfied with my posture. It’s not easy for you to practice from the original bamboo shadow posture and the ghost dragon dance posture to reach the present speed."
"But your current practice of Lingyin Piao is not ideal. There are seven levels of Lingyin Piao. At present, you are only practicing to the third level, and your posture is still your weakness."
Chu Yun-yin is always calm, which makes Lu Li deeply impressed when he hears the words.
"Besides, what I said before is that the cultivation method for you generally involves repairing, but it is not rooted in your current cultivation method, although it is complicated and complicated, but it is a road-"
Master Chu Yun’s last sentence made the earth-shattering and the whole person was shocked, and there was an incredible look in his eyes.
Chapter 29 Five Elements Borrow Life
Although surprised, Lu Li still asked, "Master, is it not a road for me to practice martial arts?"
Chu Yun indifferently said, "Yes or no, for example, if the Yin-Yang Tao and the Extreme Tao are cultivated to the extreme, nature is the avenue, but the Yin-Yang method is a level of the extreme Tao. If you want to concentrate on cultivation, you need to abolish his redundant method."
Lu Li was puzzled. "So Taikoo Men’s cultivation method really needs to enter Taiyi Mountain before you can get in touch with the real Daoism?"
Chu Yun affirmed, "Taikoo Gate is unusual, and I have woken you up several times. Don’t underestimate the owner of Taikoo Gate. This person is not simple in Daoism. Do you understand?"
Lu Li replied, "If Buddhism, Devil, Taoism, Confucianism, Yin and Yang and Five Elements are divided according to the school, it is immortal. If we look at Yin and Yang, Five Elements, Extreme, Taiji, Metaphysics and Virtual Method in another way, they are all unique fields. Of course, there are also fields where natural school storms do not include relying on power attributes, such as blood evil spirit, ghost, and even fairy spirit."
Chu Yun said to this, "I didn’t expect you to realize that you are worthy of being my apprentice. Tell me about your discovery?"
Lu Li’s recollection is that he bluntly said, "There was an emissary in Taikoo Men’s immortal conference, whose body and breath were all different from those of the monks in the boundary. That person exuded a kind of immortal spirit, but it was not good in shape."
Chu Yun nodded. "Yes, it’s a part of the monk’s unique atmosphere. You’re not too sorry for the time being. This time, you need to go through World War I to make a breakthrough."
Lu Li was surprised and said, "The last step of Lu Shuang’s realm is really difficult to break through. It seems that this opponent is an extraordinary generation."
Chu Yun said, "I’m not bad at uniting the achievement method, and I’ve left you a bag. It will naturally appear in your final battle. The road teacher will go to the fairyland of cloud. This time, it’s exactly two years when you go out and experience it. It’s said that you have to spend these two years by yourself."
Lu Li was surprised. "So the jade slips left by the master are gone-"
Chu Yun laughed. "I hope you don’t have to crush that jade slip. I’ll go."
The light and shadow turned to a dull sound and dissipated. Chu Yun was once again out of sight. It was the floating cloud fairyland, but I had never heard of it and I didn’t think much about it.
Checking the soldiers’ pockets and leaving them behind, I found a book by Master Chu Yun, which is called Yunshengtian.
I feel that the name is a little strange, and when I look at it, I can barely see the handwriting on the first page, as if it were revealed from this ancient book that a shock from the land will drive the real yuan to the limit.
That font, like a living thing, reveals all kinds of different forces, which makes Lu Li suffer great resistance every time he watches it, but that first sentence greatly increases Lu Li’s interest and makes him feel unable to stop.
"It’s a pity that I stepped through the heavens to find the immortal, Du Jie, and cross the heavens and the world, and I got a number of natural avenues, so it’s a wonderful place-Chu Yun!"

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