And the secret technique of bringing back the dead paved the petals of flowers into three talents, and folded the stems of lotus leaves into three hundred joints, namely, pressing, pressing, pressing heaven, earth and people.

Zhu Guang put an immortal pill in the center.
Three people work together to separate the dragon and the tiger from each other. The soul of Biyun boy looks forward to a push in the lotus.
Drink, "It’s more time to be human!"
When I heard the sound, I jumped up. A person’s face was like a pink lip, and his eyes were painted red. He was ten feet long and six feet long.
This should be the incarnation of Nezha Lotus, but it should be the body of Biyun Tong.
Biyuntong jumped up and kowtowed to the ground.
After this robbery, Empress Shijie realized something in her heart. Now Lingtai Qing is better than the past.
Turning to Ling Qing and others, he said, "Now I have a feeling that I will be closed for some time, and please ask your nephews to take care of it for me."
"ShiShu since go to" LingQing and others humanitarian.
After half a year, Empress Shijie came out, but she looked at her body and rhyme, and even more refined, and morality was more common in her speech.
"Today, I have learned something in my heart after this time.
In a few days, I will leave this skeleton mountain bone hole and go back to the Penglai Island Biyou Palace to learn from the leader. "
Ling Qing and others congratulated him, "ShiShu can have this feeling. Congratulations!"
These days, I’ve been waiting for a long time to pay my respects to Master and Grandmaster.
Now uncle Shi intends not to go with us? "
"So good, if you are doing things in the palace, don’t dye this right and wrong." Empress Shijie nodded when she heard the words.
Look at the blue cloud child’s way "blue cloud child"
"Although you have been robbed by this, every cloud has a silver lining has become the incarnation of Lotus.
However, after all, you are not rooted enough, the immortal road is difficult to achieve, and you have a fate that has not been sold, and this guard is the abode of fairies and immortals.
After liberation, you and I will continue our relationship. "
Biyun Tong said, "It’s Master’s brother who must practice hard."
Immediately, Empress Shijie tidied up and took Caiyun Tonger and the others to go to Penglai Island in the East China Sea.
Lingqing, who has not yet made a trip, said, "Martial Uncle, you other disciples are one step ahead."
Brother, there is still one thing that will be chased immediately after it is done. "
"Go on your own." After the incident, Empress Shijie stopped asking questions.
Nodded road flyover spirit and others got up and went to Penglai Island.
Lingqing watched them leave and turned to sing songs.
It turns out that Jiang Ya is already a mountain in the past six months.
Jade pipa essence saw that his fortune-telling insisted on joining in the fun, but Jiang Ya saw through it and caught her in the samadhi fire in front of the Star-Picking Building.
Su Daji Naide asked Lingqing for help.
In a short time, Lingqing went to a house in Chaoge and met Hu Meixi, a Su Daji nine-headed pheasant with a sad face.

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