Looking at a hill over there, Jade Duxiu chuckled, "I didn’t expect to come to this East China Sea unconsciously."

When I thought of this, Jade Duxiu looked at the East China Sea, but I saw that there was a demon in the East China Sea, and the most powerful thing was the East China Sea Dragon King himself, who went straight into the sky and covered the whole East China Sea.
There is also a gas machine that is slightly weaker than the Dragon King of the East China Sea, but it also has a domineering horse. In the eyes of Jade Duxiu, this domineering spirit is purer and more earth than the Dragon King of the East China Sea, because it can’t be repaired and the Dragon King of the East China Sea is ignored by people.
"Donghai" Jade Duxiu smiled gently but ignored it, and then continued to look for the demon’s swagger.
Jade shows off its innate divine wind, and after searching thousands of miles in the East China Sea, it finally found the source of this qi machine on an obscure mountain.
"Demon god weapon" looked at the metal stick as if it were a pillar of heaven, and it penetrated the whole mountain peak and buried itself at the bottom of the mountain. This huge stick actually penetrated the ground and sank into the ground. I don’t know how many Wan Li was really a bully.
"So that’s it. This huge stick is thousands of miles long, but what it used to be was just a few meters, but it was only by the magical power of the explosive ape demon god that this long stick was so powerful."
Think about it. Isn’t a huge stick a few meters wide and thousands of miles long breaking all the laws with one stick? No wonder this guy can blow up too easy to teach his ancestors after close combat. His body is called too easy to teach his ancestors, and his temper can be trampled on.
This huge stick will be regarded as a stick of the earth, and the flesh will be blown off and the blood fog will explode instantly.
Looking at this giant stick, Jade Duxiu sighed slightly, "I can’t take this treasure, so I’ll bury it here temporarily."
Counting it, I saw Yu Duxiu’s hands breathing against the turbulence, but I saw that the turbulence spread all over the giant stick, and the speed of the giant stick was visible to the naked eye, and all kinds of qi were instantly erased.
Looking at the giant stick jade Duxiu’s eyes, a little divine light flashed and a whip appeared in his hand.
This magic whip is getting worse and worse with the increase of jade solo repair, and the surface is getting more and more convergent.
The former God Whip just appeared, but he saw that the God Whip qi machine constantly induced the blessings of all kinds of laws of heaven and earth. At this time, Jade Duxiu was lucky, but this God Whip was like an ordinary white jade whip, and there was no miraculous place.
Jade Duxiu shook her palm for a moment, only to see the whip suddenly come out and hit the mountains and veins around her. All the mountains and rivers trembled slightly and made slight changes constantly.
In the eyes of Jade Duxiu, the divine light is flowing, and the rotation is constantly rationalizing the veins of the surrounding heaven and earth. All the veins are instantly seen by Jade Duxiu, and then daoist magic is used to constantly drive Long Mai to form a large array.
If Chen Sheng’s daoist magic technique is a general power for the monks in this world, then it is a divine power that is made by this magical jade show. It should be magical and magical.
Looking at the constantly turbulent pulse jade solo around it, constantly exerting the rebellious spirit to prevent the pulse changes from being sensed by the two Long Jun in the East China Sea.
It should be noted that the pulse changes in this world are a big deal. This is Xianxia’s world. The pulse changes that keep the laws of heaven and earth running represent the changes of the laws of heaven and earth, which can not be ignored by everyone.
When a little bit passed, it was three incense sticks, but I saw that Jade Duxiu slowly took back her palm and gently took a long breath. "This time it was a success."
There seems to be no difference here before, but if anyone who knows the ropes comes in, he will inevitably find that there is an earth force here, which may erupt at any time and is extremely dangerous.
"This time, if you don’t probe the Long Jun carefully, you won’t be able to detect the abnormality here." Jade Duxiu patted the palm of your hand, and the lightning whip vanished in the virtual space. Jade Duxiu looked down at the whole mountain and vein with his hands, and his eyes showed satisfaction. "Only when I reached this state can I bring the special skill into full play."
Chapter 93 Mrs Su Tan
Jade Duxiu daoist magic hid this explosive ape demon weapon, but it was a blink of an eye, and the innate divine wind dissipated in the virtual.
Mt. Kunlun
Tai Su’s ancestor Taiping’s ancestor sat opposite each other.
There is a bluestone among them, and there are all kinds of tea snacks.
"I have been to the four seas." The Taiping ancestor slowly took a sip of tea, which is the Lingquan tea of Kunlun Mountain and an old tree that has grown for millions of years at the top of Kunlun Mountain. The taste is the most rich.
I don’t know why this old tree is karma. After millions of years, it didn’t take shape. The top of Kunlun Mountain has experienced millions of wind, rain and snow. I don’t know how many essence of the sun and the moon. The aura in this leaf is sufficient. Even a drink from the Godfather is refreshing and helpful.
There are countless kinds of exotic flowers and plants in the case, and the sun is shining with dazzling purple gas.
The Tai Su ancestor smell speech is to move a meal with a plain white tea lamp in his hand, and a pair of eyes look at the Taiping ancestor strangely. "Do you want to rely on the four seas to turn around the loaches and save the wonderful show?"
The ancestor of Taiping nodded when he heard this.
Tai Su’s ancestor took a deep breath and moved his eyebrows with the tea lamp in his hand. "The four seas loaches are cunning, but they can’t afford to do anything early. If the four seas dragon king took a fancy to the jade solo potential when he was so high-spirited, what about trying his best to win over the wonderful show and tie it to the chariot in the East China Sea? Now the wonderful show has revealed that there is no need to come back to this muddy water after the loaches are finished. How can the Four Seas Long Jun Jing do thankless things? It seems that there must be something fishy about it. But I don’t know what the interests are. "
It took a long time for the Taiping ancestor to give a long sigh when he heard the news. "There is no choice. Now there is no choice but to ask the four seas Long Jun to help them. What other ideas do they have? Now they want to keep the wonderful show. They don’t want to say more or think much about my Taiping Road. You should look at the current situation in your eyes. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s a storm. When you look back, I can’t afford the loss any more. This wonderful show has a great fortune. Even if you want to let go of the wonderful and delicate fortune, it can flow into my Taiping Road.
"Ah, after talking about it for a long time, you are still a wonderful show. I didn’t expect you to think about it yourself. If you really consider your own interests, you will trust yourself, but you will not care whether your master lives or dies." That Tai Su ancestor made a mockery.
"Save the wonderful show is to save me. The Taiping Road Block naturally distinguishes between primary and secondary. Now the problem is that the front seat has already brought in the four seas Long Jun, and then you and I have seven strong feet and more than a few guys against you, such as Terran? Are you willing to help the wonderful show? " Taiping’s ancestor looked at Tai Su’s ancestor with dribbling eyes.
Tai Su’s ancestor heard the news, but it was a long sigh: "Miaoxiu is very fond of this child seat. If a few loaches from all over the world are willing to really help each other, it’s okay to give up their differences and see Miaoxiu’s face to help you tide over the Taiping Road."
"It’s good to have a friend’s words, but it’s relieved to have a friend’s words. Don’t worry, it’s a wonderful show for you and me." The Taiping ancestor vowed.
Tai Su’s godfather shook his head when he heard this. "I hope you don’t get too big and throw yourself into it, and implicate that wonderful show."
With that, I saw that Tai Su’s godfather took a light look at Taiping’s godfather, and the breeze dissipated in the same place.
Looking at the departure of Tai Su’s ancestor, the Taiping ancestor is a slight sigh, and there is a little divine light in his eyes. "Five Dragon Kings in the East China Sea and seven strong ones in Tai Su. The Terran still has a fairy, but no matter how it is calculated, it is a shame."
After that, I saw that the Taiping ancestor’s fleeting time dissipated in heaven and earth.
"Taiping, this old guy came to see you." Grandfather Qing Shi quietly looked at Tai Su, who was gradually coming out of the void.
Tai Su’s godfather nodded slightly. "That’s right. I didn’t expect the last moment of peace. This old guy finally turned around and regretted it. This wonderful show plays an important role in Taiping Road and the development of the whole Terran situation, but it can influence the future situation of Terran. If the key figures are peaceful, the verve is bigger and the wonderful show is cultivated. At this time, if it is not a quasi-fairy, it is not far away."
Speaking of which, the Tai Su ancestor sighed slightly. "Even the Terran old guys want to murder Miaoxiu, but they can’t find an excuse. All this is what the Taiping ancestor did himself. If it weren’t for this old guy’s paranoia, how could he end up in such a situation?"
The grandfather’s eyes flashed with a sigh, "It’s no wonder that Taiping Dao was the first religion of Terran in those days, but if it weren’t for a guard who was really afraid of Taiping Dao, it would have completely left me waiting."
"It was too cruel to keep the truth in those days," Tai Su’s godfather said with a sigh.
"Cause and effect, cause and effect, it must not be too good to be true. It is better to be afraid that this huge cause and effect will have a part. It will be repaid in the future." Grandfather Tai’s eyes flashed with a cold light. "Cause and effect will always be repaid."
Tai Su’s ancestor was silent.
After a while, I heard the Taoist saying, "You promised peace, and you must have promised peace request."
"So guaranteed" Tai Su’s godfather was slightly one leng.
"Because you are optimistic about Jade Duxiu in the sky," Grandfather Tai looked at Tai Su with dribbling eyes. "In ancient times, you never missed a pair of eyes in the sky. I remember that when you had not yet proved the truth, you listened to everything in the sky. Even after the truth was proved, you were also very assertive. You would never say that you were optimistic about Jade Duxiu in the sky. How could you stand by?"

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