"This ….." Joan clouds smell speech was speechless just take people is happy now being LingQing ask her is a headache.

Now that people have taken it and repaired it, if they will kill all the scholars in the Jade Palace, they will not be spared.
Another self and others want to give a fulfillment that is not so deadly.
Yes, if it’s released, what should it be like? In Wen Zhong there should be such as replacement?
Seeing her hesitation, Lingqing urged, "Now the two uncles first took the road flyover Lu Ya and shot him back."
Recovering the dragon rope and losing Xiqi’s spirit made Jiang Ya lose face.
The face that was previously wounded by Yang Jian and others was also won back from the twelve uncles of Yuxiu Palace.
Now the two uncles are angry? "
After listening to it, Qiong Xiao and Bi Xiao thought about it and felt that their anger dissipated and their hearts were clear.
It’s this anger that dissipates and worries.
"This time, it is really difficult to deal with the dilemma of being trapped in the array of many masters of Yuxumen. Should it be like today?"
Ling Qing said, "If the two uncles are willing to listen to me, they will give up this daoshanhuohai and go back to Sanxian Island for repair."
Here has its own nephew to deal with. "
Empress Qiong Xiao shook her head and said, "Don’t let this happen because we waited. How can you bear it?"
Lingqing said, "I think Uncle Boya, the lamp burner, will invite Uncle Yuan to come soon."
At that time, my brother will be a junior and won’t rob me, and my uncle will not treat me like.
But the two uncles are now famous in the robbery. If you stay here, you may not be beautiful. "
See two people still hesitate immediately advised "two ShiShu don’t hesitate again.
Otherwise, when Yuan Shi Bozu comes, he will even implicate us. "
At this time, because the Duke of Zhao was not dead, Qiong Xiao was not deeply involved.
After thinking for a long time, he said, "I will return to the abode of fairies and immortals after I hear Brother Dao say goodbye."
"No," Lingqing stopped and said, "Now that the two uncles have escaped, don’t make more trouble.
Brother Wen Zhong’s free brother went there and said that it was best for Uncle Shi to go immediately. "
Qiong Xiao said with a sigh, "Let it be as my nephew said."
Then he took the Bixiao Empress and went back to Sanxian Island without going to Chengtang Camp.
Chapter one thousand two hundred and sixteen Two San Linfan
Lingqing watched the two men leave and said to Tian Ying Sun Yuling, "Then let’s have a meeting with our brothers and sisters."
But the two school sisters must not be impulsive. "
"At the command of the elder brother," the two men nodded and said.
Master Wen in Chengtang Camp was very happy when he saw that the Yellow River Array had taken many jade disciples. He was preparing to hold a banquet to celebrate, but he met Ling Qing and others.
I can’t help but ask, "Are the two brothers Qiong Xiao Bi Xiao?"
Lingqing answered, "The two ShiShu have finished their obsession and returned to the abode of fairies and immortals.
Now, Master Bo, who is burning lanterns, has arrived in Yuanshi Bozu, Yuxu Palace, Kunlun Mountain in a few days, so I’d better get ready early. "
In a word, Wen Zhong was secretly worried as if she had poured a pot of cold water.
Xiqi burned the lamp and fled back to Pengya to meet each other.
Jiang Ya sighed, "I didn’t expect all the brothers to be trapped in the Yellow River array."
Burning the lamp said, "Although it is a pity that a kung fu was wasted, now I have to go to Yuxiu Palace to be original."
Tooth, you, the good guard, expect all the Taoist friends not to hurt your health. "
The burning lamp left Xiqiao and fled to the Qilin Cliff of Kunlun Mountain in an instant.
Before falling into the palace, I saw the white crane boy guarding the agarwood chariot in Kowloon and asked the boy, "Where are you going?"
The crane boy said, "The teacher is driving to Xiqiao, so please go back to the incense burning quiet room to meet Luan and pick up the driver."
After burning the lamp, I hurried back to the front of the tent and saw Tooth sitting alone. "Tooth Lord, please burn incense and tie the color."
My teeth are busy, and I am quiet and clean, and I am welcoming you by the fragrant road.
Seeing the smoky cigarettes listening over and over again, Yue Xian has a loud voice.
The two of them bowed down to the ground and said, "I didn’t know it was too far to meet you when you came. Please forgive me!"
Yuan Tianzun dropped his aloes, and the Antarctic fairy held a feather fan, and then he lit a lamp and asked the Tianzun Lu Peng to fall down and worship.
The Buddha said, "You are equal."
Tooth fell down and said, "Now there is a spiritual path to clear the Yellow River array, and all the brothers are in trouble. Please ask the teacher for mercy and help."
Yuan Dao said, "The number of days has been set since I can’t solve it."
Then silently sit and burn the lamp and wait on the left and right.
At the time, the top of the Buddha is now in Qingyun, and there is an acre of land with five-color golden lights. The square lights fall like drops of water before the eaves.
On the other side, when Qingyun appeared in the Lingqing array, he said to Tian Ying, Sun Yuling, Ni Jinglan and Ge Wen, "Now Shi Bozu has let’s go and pay a courtesy call."
"as it should be"
Then five people left the Yellow River Array and came to Xiqiao Lupeng to kowtow and prostrate themselves, saying, "Stop teaching as the disciples of the Virgin, Ling Daoqing, Sun Daoling, Tian Daoying, Ni Daolan and Ge Daowen, and ask for an audience with Yuan Shibo Zu."
After a while, the Antarctic immortal Lu Peng came out to look at the five people and said, "You wait and go back to Japan first, and my teacher will come to the Yellow River array to see it."
They didn’t have to turn around.
The next morning, the lantern-burning Taoist led the way to Jiangya, and then the Antarctic fairy Weng packed up the agarwood in front of the queue.
The crane boy shouted, "Ling Daoqing, come and pick up the driver."
When Lingqing and others heard this, they hurried out of the array and kowtowed prostrate, saying, "I’ve seen my uncle and my brother, and I’m very eager to beg for forgiveness."
Yuan said, "It’s our duty to set up this array. It’s something that your grandmaster still dare not think about."
Lingqing worshiped again, "Teacher Zujianfei is my brother, etc. If you don’t obey the rules and go against the teachings, you will go against the fate."
Shibuzu should know that Guangcheng Shibo and others have this robbery. Either we wait or someone else will come.
Brother and other relatives can also read three religions and one family. Your uncles and uncles will not hurt their lives if they finish this doom. It’s hard to say for others. "
Later, he entrusted the twelve immortals with the magic weapons and spears of Yang Jian, Jin Bai and Mu Bai, and said, "Today, there are twelve martial uncles of Yuxiu Palace and three brothers, Bo Yang Jian, who have their own magic weapons.
Brother, I dare not be good at everything. "

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