Ling Youdao nodded with satisfaction "well"

Soon said, "Although it is already a monk in the late period of the preconditions, it is only after all that you can break through. What you need to do now is to step up cultivation and lay a solid foundation."
Yu Jiedan will fight for you when I return to the meteorite waters again. "
Ling You Jin Daxi "Thank you, Second Brother. You can rest assured that I will practice hard."
"Well, you go."
Ling Youjin is happy to leave.
Ling has a Taoist master, and he also notes Ling Ren ‘an.
He is the only second-order array mage in the Ling clan. If he can also knot Dan, the Ling clan has been lacking in second-order array mage for hundreds of years.
Moreover, Ling Ren ‘an also has talent in array law. He studied with the fourth-order array mage at the beginning, and it is not without hope of promotion to the third-order array mage.
However, his cultivation talent is not good, just like Ling Youjin’s. If he wants to make Dan, he will definitely need to consume a lot of cultivation resources, but he may not be able to make Dan’s success. It is very risky.
But now Ling can afford the risk and Ling Youdao is willing to take the risk.
Ling Ren ‘an is still a young family, and it’s time for him to sacrifice his cultivation as an array mage.
Ling Youdao has decided to let him let go after a while, so he will concentrate on practicing.
This day in a cave house on Feiyu Island
Mu Yan ran sits on a futon and is in the process of cultivation.
Abrupt she woke up from her meditation.
"I wonder why I woke up from meditation?"
Her heart is very confused. It is reasonable that she can’t have this kind of situation now.
"Is there anything wrong with your body?"
Think of this desire to start immediately check up your body.
Unexpectedly, she found that a little life was being conceived. First, she was stunned and then her face was happy.
"I have a baby."
Before Dan’s marriage, Ling Youdao could avoid having children when she was having sex, because it would affect Mu Yan ran’s cultivation.
The two have been thinking about waiting for Dan to have children, because the children born at that time were nourished by the mother of then and were born with high talents
But it is also a pity that with the great changes in the life level after the two married, they are no longer able to conceive like ordinary people.
It’s more difficult for monks to have children in the then-Dan period. It’s been 20 or 30 years since they got married, and there have been a lot of sex. Today, they have children.
Mu Yan ran was glad that she left the abode of fairies and immortals in a hurry and found Ling Youdao.
"What’s the matter? Are you in such a hurry? "
Mu Yan ran smiled. "Husband, I have a child."
Ling Youdao instantly froze mu Yan ran, and when he saw him, he could not help but cover his mouth and smile.
And say, "You’re going to be a father."
Wen Yanling said, "Really?"
Looking forward to my husband’s eyes, I smiled and said, "I can still lie to you."
When this was said, Ling Youdao laughed, "Great, great, I finally want to be a father."
Immediately said, "Madam, don’t be busy after you have a good baby. You are not alone now, but two people."
Mu Yan ran made a supercilious look. "This is only a few days pregnant. If it weren’t for probing the body, I still don’t know."
"Hey, hey, you see, my brain forgets when I’m happy."
"But you have to pay attention to your health. It’s not easy to get pregnant with a child. You can’t let him have an accident. You must be born safely."
Hearing this, Mu Yan ran also became serious.
"Husband, don’t worry, I’ll bring the child safely."

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