Until the old man disappeared from the sky, his heart suddenly rose with a sense of enlightenment and he said, "Father."

This father is from the bottom of his heart as if he had been suppressed for a long time.
A tear fell from the corner of my eye and broke into two pieces.
Li Xuandao hurriedly stretched out his hand and stroked him. When he saw that he was already in tears, he couldn’t help wondering why he would feel sad and even shed tears.
But no one can answer this question.
"This is?"
Li Xuandao stared at the palm tears slightly lost.
Lu Han patted before the song to comfort him by saying, "Uncle Li Xuandao has gone away. Although I don’t know why he left in such a hurry, I believe you will meet again sooner or later."
Li Xuandao opened his mouth and instantly went silent.
Li Tianlong!
The old man just now was his biological father Li Tianlong, who left nine engagements to create the Dragon Slayer Academy, and left him several treasures, known as the real dragon slayer Li Tianlong.
Li Xuandao never imagined that he and Li Tianlong would meet in this way.
He didn’t think that this Li Tianlong was not only profound in strength, but also unpredictable in origin. Even he knew all about the past with Guan Yaoguang like the palm print.
If so, Li Tianlong knew his identity and his reincarnation was not an accident, but someone deliberately arranged it?
For a moment, Li Xuandao’s heart is as confused as a hemp brain, but it is like frying a pot and wondering all the time, just like stormy waves, as if to drown his soul
Who the hell is Li Tianlong? What’s the purpose of arranging all this by himself?
Who arranged for his reincarnation?
Is it a conspiracy or is it implied that Guan Yaoguang and Wu Huang teamed up to slay him?
Li Xuandao wanted to break his head and couldn’t figure out a clue. After a long time, his face was like paper, and he was beaten through his clothes with cold sweat and fell to the ground.
"Li Xuandao"
Liu Han song exclaimed before Li Xuandao weak body to hold the way "Li Xuandao, what’s the matter with you? Don’t scare me, don’t scare me. "
Li Xuandao, if you don’t smell it, wait for a while looks at the sky with a hole in his eyes.
He felt the sudden attraction of the sky as if to drag his soul out of his body and float up to nine days.
Then his mind suddenly flashed a picture scroll.
This picture is full of poverty, fire, shouting, killing and screaming.
The scene of this picture scroll is familiar, but Li Xuandao was so confused that he couldn’t recognize where it was at the moment. He could feel the flame of the picture scroll seeping out of the picture scroll as if it were real, burning his soul and making him feel pain.
"Where is this?"
The pain stimulated Li Xuandao to wake up instantly. He stared at the picture scroll as if to distinguish the picture.
Suddenly the flames suddenly rushed out of a figure.
This is a woman. She doesn’t wear makeup and ice muscles. jade bone looks cold. Black hair is constantly fluttering in the wind. Her body is like moonlight, like absolute beauty fairy is inviolable.
"The blood lotus in the Temple teaches the Lijiang Sword Sect to make me immortal in los ice, and Taibai Sword Sect will never be destroyed. You are waiting for me to kill you all and avenge myself when I am successful in los ice Immortal cultivation!"
The cold sound is like a sledgehammer slamming Li Xuandao’s heart.
Then the raging skyfire on the edge of the picture will paint the scene, and the absolute beauty girl will be burned to ashes.
Li Xuandao suddenly face upwards whistling a whole body burst into flames, fade away.
This murder is strong all over the city, and everyone else is scared. Liu Hange’s face is crazy, and he is driven by this murder to retreat like a boat in a stormy sea, as if it could capsize at any time.
Chapter 9 Taibai Jianzong was destroyed!
Chapter 9 Taibai Jianzong was destroyed!
Los ice fairy sound like a flash through the fog.
Taibai Jianzong!
Yes, it’s Taibai Jianzong.
Li Xuandao finally white his nerve-racking, so he finally white what Stuart said before meeting, hoping not to become an enemy.
No wonder Stuart will follow him when he comes to the boundless state.
No wonder Han Tiandong didn’t respond for such a long time.
It turned out that the Blood Lotus Sect of the Temple and the Sword Sect of Lijiang actually wiped out the whole Taibai Sword Sect while he was unprepared.
Stuart didn’t come to the boundless state to slay the Emperor of Thousand Unique Bones, but blocked the news to distract him so that he couldn’t know the situation of Taibai Jianzong.
Li Xuandao clenched his fist and rattled his teeth. He was like a crazy beast, sending out horrible murder.
Taibai Jianzong was his first base area.
This is not only the place where he rose, but also the beloved people of Li Baihe, Li Muyu and los ice Xian.
Has Li Baihe’s low strength been killed?
Has Li Muyu’s strong character been sacrificed heroically?
Has los ice Fairy absolute beauty been captured and insulted?
Lin Tianchen, Luo Caiyi, Qing Biluo, Shen Shenfeng, Ji Luohong, and so on. What happened to his first apprentice, Han Tianxin?
Li Xuandao was worried at the thought.
He couldn’t wait to return to South Manchuria and Taibai Jianzong immediately.
"Li Xuandao, are you all right?" Liu Han song a full face of concern carefully asked

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