Xiaoqing accidentally observed Zhou Xiaolong wearing the silver ring on her finger.

"Ah, I think your ring should also be an instrument?" Xiaoqing could not help but ask
"This ring is a gift from an old man, but I’m not sure."
"Can you show me?" Xiaoqing asked to say
"Of course."
Zhou Xiaolong wanted to take the ring and show it to Xiaoqing, but something strange happened.
That silver ring seems to have Zhou Xiaolong’s finger. No matter how hard he is, he just can’t get it.
"How did this happen? It’s strange that you can’t get it! ! !” Zhou Xiaolong also felt puzzled.
"Then forget it, Zhou Xiaolong. Don’t force it."
"It’s really embarrassing," Zhou Xiaolong said with some difficulty.
The two young people chatted for a while and Xiaoqing suddenly sneezed, probably because she had been wearing wet clothes for too long to catch a cold.
Zhou Xiaolong got up and hurriedly left Xiaoqing to take a hot bath and rest early.
Xiaoqing didn’t retain so Zhou Xiaolong left the small hotel.
When I took a taxi back to the door of Zhouxiaolong Building in Happy Home Community, I took out my mobile phone and looked at it for a while. It’s already half past eleven at night.
Knock on the door quietly. The lights are dark inside. Xia Xue and Qian Duoduo are probably asleep.
Zhou Xiaolong crept past the living room, then got into his little room, touched the black, took out a clean dress and shorts, and suddenly he heard a sinister smile coming from his bed.
"Hey, hey, hey, little dragon, did you get rid of a little grass man and come back in the middle of the night? Do you think you’re happy somewhere? Tell the truth quickly!"
Zhou Xiaolong was startled and immediately realized that the speaker was Bai Mo, a fat bird. He exhaled and hit the bedside lamp.
As soon as the light came on, Zhou Xiaolong saw the big fat bird lying sprawled, and Zhou Xiaolong’s little bed was staring at himself with ambiguous eyes.
"ShiShu ah you scared me? !”
White ink flew up near Zhou Xiaolong’s side and sniffed it carefully.
"Don’t lie, Zun has smelled that you are a woman, not a mature woman perfume, but also a little girl."
"I went to white ShiShu your nose is too spirit is a bird nose or a dog nose? !”
"Hey, hey, don’t worry about what it is. You’re right!"
In the face of an old driver like Bai Mo, Zhou Xiaolong concealed it and told Bai Mo about saving people at night.
In fact, Zhou Xiaolong saved two lives this night.
One is the old man Chen Xueping, and the other is the girl Xiaoqing.
"Boy, you are really busy this night, Xiaolong. You are really amazing!"
Bai Mo said so in his mouth, but the expression of a bird’s face is still full of irony.
Zhou Xiaolong changed the subject, so he held up the magic silver ring and showed it to Bai Mo.
"Uncle, your old man is well informed. Look at this ring. It was a gift from Master Chen, and I don’t think this ring is simple."
"It’s a nice ring. What do you mean?"
"As far as I’m concerned, I was in the wind when I played against those men in black, but suddenly my body was full of strength. I think it was this ring that gave me strength."
"Really? Come and let Zun have a closer look."
However, Zhou Xiaolong struggled for a long time, and the ring seemed to grow with his fingers, but he just couldn’t get it.
"Don’t come? !”
"Yes, Uncle Shi is very strange, isn’t it?"
Bai Mo bird’s paw will grasp Zhou Xiaolong’s hand, and it is very difficult to put his paw together because his belly is too bulging.
However, Bai Mo still looked carefully and jumped to the bedside table and looked at the bedside lamp carefully for a long time
"Oh, did the person who sent you the ring say the origin of this ring? !” Bai Mo suddenly asked.
"Yes, Master Chen said that this silver ring was found in a cave during an exploration activity."
Soon Zhou Xiaolong recalled the ring found in Pingshan Cave in Chen Xue and told it to Bai Mo.
"So did he tell you which mountain he found this ring?" Bai Mo nodded and asked.
"No, I don’t know if Master Chen forgot or he didn’t want to say." Zhou Xiaolong looked at the fat bird and asked Bai Mo. "Martial uncle, do you think this ring pattern is strange? Is the carved monster a dragon or not?"
"What monster? This pattern carving is a beast. I think it should be a unicorn beast."
"Kirin god beast? !”
"Yes, I’m sure this Kirin silver ring must be an instrument." Bai Mo leaned close to his nose and smelled it again. "This red color should be your blood?"
"Well, I think it’s because my nose was broken when I was fighting with a man in black."
"If I’m not mistaken, this ring will generate power and enter your body because it is stained with your blood."

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